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  1. 2022 Silly Season has started...

    Ricky Stenhouse has signed a multi rear contract extension with JTG Daugherty Racing https://www.jayski.com/2022/06/24/ricky-stenhouse-jr-signs-multi-year-extension-with-jtg-daugherty-racing/

    Martin Truex Jr signed a 1 year contract extension with Joe Gibbs Racing for 2023 season https://www.jayski.com/2022/06/24/martin-truex-jr-will-return-to-joe-gibbs-racing-in-2023/

    With Mars dropping out of Nascar Sponsorship Kyle Busch appears to be possibly out of a ride at Joe Gibbs Racing unless another sponsor steps up for 2023 https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/12/20/mms-leaving-kyle-busch-nascar-joe-gibbs-racing-sponsor/amp/

  2. Even though it wasn't as hot in South Boston as it was in last week's race at Five Flags Speedway temper's we're flaring and it got physical with cars and driver's. Greg Biffle showed he still can win after passing Marco Andretti for the lead and holding off a hard charging Tony Stewart to win Heat 1. Paul Tracy was leading and looked like he was going to dominate Heat 2 till Helio Castroneves dive-bombed and spun him out of the way and went on to win Heat 2. In the back of the pack things were getting heated between driver's and 'Uncle Tony' had enough and let Ernie Francis Jr know about it. They worked things out before the main feature though. Tony Stewart and Marco Andretti made up the front row for the main feature but it didn't take long for Tony to take the lead and keep it. Paul Tracy got taken out of the race after Ryan Hunter-Reay used his car to keep from wrecking. Michael Waltrip was Ryan Hunter-Reay's next victim after Ryan knocked him out of the way. Michael didn't take it lying down though as he retaliated during the caution before parking his wrecked car. Marco Andretti tried getting second back from Greg Biffle but it didn't work out well and he ended up in last place but came back to finish 8th.

    Main Feature results

    1 - #14 - Tony Stewart
    2 - #69 - Greg Biffle
    3 - #18 - Bobby Labonte
    4 - #39 - Ryan Newman
    5 - #06 - Helio Castroneves
    6 - #6 - Tony Kanaan
    7 - #5 - Ernie Francis Jr.
    8 - #98 - Marco Andretti
    9 - #1 - Ryan Hunter-Reay
    10 - #26 - Peyton Sellers
    11 - #15 - Michael Waltrip (DNF)
    12 - #3 - Paul Tracy (DNF)

    Next Saturday night SRX heads to Stafford.

  3. Season 2 of the SRX series opened in Pensacola with Indycar stars dominating Five Flags Speedway. Local star Bubba Pollard won Heat one. Helio Castroneves won Heat 2 and the Main. SRX CEO Don Hawk made a bet with Helio that if Helio won one SRX race he would do everything he could to get home a ride in next year's Daytona 500. I hope they can get him a good one as it would be neat to see Helio win and become a triple crown champion like Mario and AJ. 

    Main Results

    1. Helio Castroneves
    2. Bubba Pollard
    3. Ryan Newman
    4. Tony Kanaan
    5. Bobby Labonte
    6. Greg Biffle
    7. Marco Andretti
    8. Ryan Hunter-Reay
    9. Bill Elliott
    10. Tony Stewart
    11. Ernie Francis Jr.
    12. Paul Tracy
    13. Michael Waltrip


  4. Thats good to hear Skipper.


    Never heard back from the guy interested in the car. I just want to be done and over with this s:censored:. This is why I like animals better than people, they either like you or don't or want to kill/eat you but either way you know what you're dealing with. 

    If you guys didn't catch the SRX race last night you missed a good one. 

  5. Was one of those up and down weeks. Started out looking forward to my birthday Wednesday then took a quick turn. Out of the blue this guy calls about buying my car but only offered me $100. I can understand the low offer thanks to my dad's ignorance in parking the car on the dirt behind the garage and it's sunk up to the door sills so he has to dig it out a bit. That of course brought up bad memories/feelings so I was in a sour mood on my birthday. Ended up having a good birthday though. Ended the week on a good note finding out I got another pay raise :tup:. Was looking forward to 3 days of relaxing since we haven't had any measurable rain since last Monday so wasn't going to mow any lawns this week but the one lady was adamant her half dead grass and weeds get mowed today so didn't get to any chores at home today.

    Have a good weekend guys, oh and SRX racing is on Saturday nights at 8pm on CBS stations through the end of July. 

  6. On 6/3/2022 at 7:33 PM, RogerDuke said:

    Went to see Top Gun. Half way through I didn't think it was as good as the first but after it was over I thought it was better. I'm going to see it again. 

    Went to see it today. IT WAS AWESOME :popcorn:. One of those rare sequel's that's as good if not better than the first movie. I would not be shocked if it beats Jurassic World Dominion next week. We might go see it again too. 

    Went to the British invasion car show today. Was a few oddballs there this year. A '93 Rover 220 coupe that the owner recently imported to the USA. A Lotus Elite hatchback was there. The fellow that owns a 1930's Rolls Royce finally got it painted after years of showing it in it's original patina'd paint, it looks great again. 

    Did pretty good garage saleing yesterday. Got a B&D hedge trimmer with battery and charger for $15 so that completes my B&D outdoor power tool set. 

    Nice to know Walmart could give two :censored:about their employees and customers health. Overheard an employee telling one of their coworkers they have COVID and were forced to work because Walmart only gives them 4 days to recover otherwise they get fired on their 5th day off. It sounded like she was going to cough a lung out. On top of that before I overheard that conversation I was about 4 feet from her in the same aisle, I thought maybe she just had allergies because of all the pollen in the air here. Wife called Walmart when we got home and was told by that store's manager about Walmart's new COVID employee policy. Knock on wood that we hopefully don't come down with COVID now. 

  7. Back is feeling a little better. Still sore in the one spot though and it doesn't help when I sleep I roll over to my left side which inflames it. I can't wait to be done with the muscle relaxers, they work good on the inflamed muscle but also on the rest of my body too, and I get exhausted from light work. 

    At work we went to 4 10's schedule which gives us Friday's off. Started this week and I enjoyed getting today off and am looking forward to getting some stuff done I couldn't last weekend since my back is better. Hopefully the test goes well and we stay on this schedule for the foreseeable future. 

  8. 7 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

    That stinks Spike. I have plenty of back problems too. I was born with problems and they only get worse as I age. My back is feeling bad right now. We went to Detriot for a wedding and traveling is always rough on my back. The mental pain was worse. I've lived in the sticks my whole life and I don't know why anybody would want to live near city traffic. I went through Cleveland and then Detroit. And then repeated the process. But at least it was only Memorial Day weekend traffic. I've been in Cleveland rush hour traffic before and that was worse than what I experienced this weekend. Even so, I thought I was going to die a few times today and Friday.

    I bet Roger. It's been a long time since I've been through Cleveland but I've seen plenty of dashcam videos on YouTube and it seems like it is just as bad as Cincinnati traffic. I'll never forget the last trip coming back from Tennessee and that stupid idiot going 45mph on I-75 crossing over 4 lanes in front of us. Thank God the tanker truck driver behind us had good reflexes and brakes. 

    There was a drive-by shooting in the neighborhood behind my Dad's Saturday night. Not 100% sure what happened as it didn't make the local news but according to neighbors an empty car parked on the street got shot up by a dark colored vehicle. A few weeks ago catalytic converter theives struck the neighborhood. A week before that police responded to reports of someone randomly shooting a gun. Last week some kids were going through people's mailboxes. That neighborhood is not as safe as it used to be.

  9. Not sure how or when but I jacked my back up some time this week. That killed our Memorial weekend plans since our boss gave everyone Friday off too, we were going to do some day tripping but I mostly laid in bed or on the couch till today. Since the pain wasn't going away the wife took me to an Urgent Care after we did a little grocery shopping this morning. I told the wife "you sure had this planned out this morning didn't you", she got me there just as they opened up lol. The Dr that was on staff this morning had me do a urine test just to make sure it wasn't a kidney stone and then he felt my back and felt my muscle was swollen and knotted up so gave me a shot and a couple of prescriptions and told me no heavy lifting for a while. 

  10. On 5/22/2022 at 3:42 PM, HossC said:

    It's off to Monte Carlo next week for the Monaco Grand Prix.

    I wish ESPN/ABC ran the race live instead of tape delay after the Indy 500 and before the Charlotte 600 like NBC did when they had F1 coverage. It was nice waking up Sunday morning and getting a quick racing fix.

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