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  1. cool. I love my AC in my van or car on a hot summer day.
  2. do you think if coy and vance were given their own personalities their run would have been more successful and the fans would have wanted them back?
  3. in season 5 the revenge of Hughie Hogg. after the oil is dumped or glue whatever it is coy and Vance are covered in the stuff along with Hughie's hench men. they get to their cars and they have nothing on them.
  4. i just watched that ep it was funny. i laughed so hard. i dont know what ep it is
  5. Hi I was watching the dukes. i was wondering how old they were all supposed to be at the start of season 1 also how old were coy and Vance i know Byron was 28 when he was in season 5. i was just wondering they always make reference that Bo was the baby and in under cover dukes Jesse refers to Bo as baby Bo
  6. Hi I was watching the dukes. i was wondering how old they were all supposed to be at the start of season 1 also how old were coy and Vance i know Byron was 28 when he was in season 5. i was just wondering they always make reference that Bo was the baby and in under cover dukes Jesse refers to Bo as baby Bo
  7. Family Jesse -54 Luke-13 Vance-13 Daisy-11 Coy-9 Beauregard (Bo)-8 -------------------------------------------------------------------- The story Of the Dukes -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Bo layed in bed crying he was having trouble breathing. It felt like someone was sitting on his chest. He sat up and started crying and coughing. He didn’t want to wake his cousins. He fumbled to get his puffer knocking it on the ground. He sat up in bed. He knew he was having an asthma attack. He needed help. He picked up his stuffed frog and threw it at Coy. “Hey what-†Coy said getting mad but realizing Bo was having trouble breathing he got up and walked to Bo’s bed. “Bo?†“Coy – can’t –breath. â€Bo chocked out in sobs Coy looked at his cousin. He had to help him he looked at Vance and Luke sleeping “Luke, Vance wake up Bo is having trouble breathing!†he called The older boys awoke both jumping out of bed. both springing into action. “Coy, go wake Uncle Jesse.†Luke told him as he grabbed Bo’s inhaler from the ground. Coy ran out While he was gone Luke gave Bo his inhaler. While Vance tried to keep him calm. Both boys rubbed his back. In a loving soothing way. Vance grabbed the glass of water Bo had beside his bed “Bo take a drink†Vance told him holding up the glass to Bo’s lips and placing a hand behind his head he gave Bo a drink. “Better?†Vance asked Bo nodded. He loved having Vance and Luke around. At this time even more they knew exactly what to do. Coy returned with Jesse after what seemed like hours. “Uncle Jesse Bo is having an asthma attack†Luke replied “Luke gave him his inhaler it stopped it a bit†Vance told his uncle “Vance gave him a drink of water†Luke told him Jesse tried to calm Bo’s asthma down with no luck he turned to the boys. “Call the ambulance." Jesse said Coy ran out of the room first he ran towards the phone on the counter he picked it up and pressed 0, “I need,Tri- County Medical we need an ambulance at the Duke Farm." He told the operator he waited praying Bo would be okay “This is Tri- County Medical responding to your distress call, what’s wrong?" “My Cousin is having an asthma attack." Coy told them “What is the patient’s name?" “Beauregard Duke. But we call him Bo. Please hurry he isn't looking good." Coy told them “Coy tell them to hurry!†Jesse yelled “Please Hurry he is only 8 years old.†Coy exclaimed " Don't worry an ambulance should be arriving shortly." The operator told the young boy. I sure hope they hurry. Bo could feel his head swimming his lungs felt heavy and like they were on fire he kept is eyes closed. He prayed he would be okay. He could hear his family comforting him. Daisy had ran in and jumped into action. “Bo look at me†Jesse called placing his hand on his nephew’s chest. Bo opened his eyes. And looked up at his uncle. " Good job Bo. you’re gonna be ok cause there's help on the way." Jesse said feeling relief washing over him. " Uncle-" Bo started before being thrown into another coughing fit. Jesse placed his hand on Bo’s chest “I will be there for you†Jesse told him as he wrapped Bo in a blanket and carried him outside. Luke and Vance had ran outside and down the drive way. “Uncle Jesse†Vance and Luke called out in unison running up “The ambulance is on the way†Luke and Vance called out The ambulance sped up and parked the paramedic’s jumped out and got the stretcher they put an oxygen mask on his face and an IV in his hand. “I will call you kids†Jesse told them hopping into the ambulance. They nodded and went in and sat by the phone. Jesse kept his word and called he told them Bo would be fine and he would be released in the morning. “Uncle Jesse I don’t mind needles.†Bo told him “You’re a good boy in letting them poke and proud you.†“Yeah†“Royal dropped off my pick up.†“Okay Uncle Jesse†“ You’re a brave boy I’m proud of you.†Jesse said running his hands through his nephews hair. “ I threw froggy at Coy.†Jesse smiled and picked up Bo’s hand it looked so tiny with the IV in it. “Sorry Bo†“It’s okay uncle Jesse.†Bo told him yawning Jesse waited until Bo was asleep he went to call Royal. ----------------------------------------------------------- “Do I haveta go to bed?†Bo asked as he and Jesse got home “You need to rest Bo†Jesse told him as he helped him into bed “I did in the hospital. Can I read?†“Just rest†“Not tired†Bo replied with in seconds he was asleep. Jesse turned to look at Bo the young boy was sleeping soundly. Jesse covered him up and left. He started to clean the house. Soon it was 4:00 the kids arrived home “How is Bo?†Luke asked he had been worried about him all day. “Fine he is sleeping. Go change out of your school clothes and start your chores†Jesse told them. Luke sighed a relief. Bo was sitting up in bed playing with his frog he heard Luke and Vance come in he pretended to sleep. Knowing they would tell Uncle Jesse. He couldn’t risk being able to play around. He didn’t want to be bed rest for much longer. Vance and Luke quietly dressed. “Be quiet†Vance told Coy as he walked into the room. And he walked out. He nodded and started to change “Coy I’m bored†Bo whispered as he sat up and looked at his cousin. “Ya have to rest.†“I know talk to me. I’m bored†Coy changed and sat down on Bo’s bed. “My Momma and daddy are coming home for my 10th birthday†“You are gonna be 10 . I’m gonna be 9†“Yeah†“I’m gonna drive a Race car†Coy declared “Yeah I’m gonna build me a race car†“Luke and Vance are going to be Marines “Coy told Bo “Yeah wanna play race car drivers?†“Uncle Jesse won’t let you†“Stupid Asthma†Bo replied “Yeah†Coy replied siting on Bo’s bed â€Should you have the mask on?†Bo shrugged “Hey I have an idea†Bo looked at him “We can play a game†“Like what?†“Cards besides I told Uncle Jesse I don’t feel good†“Why?†“I don’t Hughie Hogg punched me in the stomach†“Did you tell Luke and Vance?†“No cause they will be suspended if they do anything. Principal Cooper will suspend them†“They protect us but have become very mature†Bo added in. it was true they had become mature. The boys started to play some cards. “Luke says I’ll be bigger when I can whip him†Bo told Coy “I rekon you will. Hey I have an idea†“ Hey look it’s Luke’s Bow and arrow†Coy said getting off Bo’s bed Bo got out of bed “Coy you can’t play with that†Coy Put it in and fired the arrow into the lamp It shattered Bo took the Bow from Coy Jesse ran I to see Bo with the bow and arrow “Beauregard Nehemiah Duke!†Jesse exclaimed “Sorry uncle Jesse. “ Bo replied looking guilty “Bo you know Luke doesn’t like you touching his stuff†“Sorry Uncle Jesse I jus wanted to show my shot†Bo explained “Okay Bo†Jesse said “ Coy how does your stomach feel?†“Fine†Jesse ruffled their hair and left “Bo why did you do that?†Coy asked “Uncle Jesse woulda tanned your hide. He never spanks me†Coy hugged his younger cousin “thanks Bo I owe ya one†“What was your idea?†“To get ya outa bed an doin your chores†Bo put Luke’s bow back under his bed “Coy ask Uncle Jesse if I can do chores. I will do them with ya†Coy nodded He left and returned.†Uncle Jesse says he reckons it will be okay†Bo nodded and jumped up off of his bed Coy grabbed him “Bo Calm down you just had an asthma attack†Bo nodded as Coy sat him down he got him a blue t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans “Here are some socks and your boots†Coy replied giving Bo his boots Bo put them on. The boys walked out they did their chores. They sat down on the picnic table. Jesse looked out the window he smiled and thought back to the best time in his life was when he got custody of Bo, Daisy, Luke, Vance and Coy he sighed he loved the kids and wouldn’t trade them for anything. He was so deep in thought he didn’t hear the phone ringing.
  8. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  9. Hi I'm new to the boards i have been a dukes fan since I was about 10 that was in the 90's. i love season 5. my son bo Hogg. carnival of thrills, Dr Jecyl and mr hide and lot of other eps.
  10. it was and i think in return of the green mean machine it is their car they dove in that gets burnt i think i noticed it last night when i was watching the ep.
  11. Hi are there any Coy and Vance fans? Personally i loved them and would have loved to see them stay on the show. when they left the show i missed them. and then they never were mentioned again. i would have like to see them come back for a couple of eps. be mentioned. does anyone here think coy and vance should have remained on the show along with bo and luke. the eps could have been pretty good all 4 of them running from boss, rosco and enos and working with cooter to make hazzard better. coy and vance were good looking and fit as Dukes. what do you all think the eps could have been like with 4 duke boys and daisy?
  12. hey i dont know if this is a goof but i was watching ghost of General Lee and when Luke talks to Rosco you can see some one moving around in the jail cell behind him you see it for quite some time.