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  1. great knife. i carry mine almost everywhere i can. if you dont mind me asking how much did you pay for it? i bought mine off ebay and spent $35.
  2. heck yea,,, like i always say, "gas is great, but diesel kicks gas" the bang per buck is far superior... the little diesel cars are very quick and acheive good mileage.
  3. some of the things are pretty wierd, but then other things explain why hes so big,,,, id eat all the time if i had that kinda food. oh wait, i do and do.. but im still skinny.. mommas cookin is darn good.
  4. nobody else likes trucks on here? big rigs? KW, Pete? Freightliner, International??? any oilburner? got 2 old John Deere diesels...... 2-53 Detroit actually.
  5. yea, i guess this stuff isnt old enough or rare enough to be worth a whole lot... although this one does seem to be a little rare..... thanks hoss
  6. ive also got a belt buckle with the general lee on it? kind of a side shot of it sitting in front of a warehouse and freightliner truck.... it has a 1981 warner bros sticker on the back.... anybody ever seen one like it? my little brother wears it daily,, should i confiscate it???
  7. mine showed up on my front porch this morning!!!!!! very nice knife, sharper than a... well i dont know, but its dang sharp, shaves the hair off my arm no problem.
  8. ok , RAF. thanks for the welcome.hahaha

  9. seems to me that the anybody can get things alot worse than knives... and places besides ebay... but oh well, im still waiting for mine to show up!
  10. how many diesel guys (or gals) we got on this site? im going to school to become a diesel mechanic. (im pretty good already on the 7.3 ford) my dad owns the truck now but i want to buy it off of him as soon as i can. then the real fun starts. its a 99 f350 7.3L Lariat crew cab longbox 4x4 SRW, 4" lift and 35" tires. as it sits now it puts out about 320HP and 700lb-ft. with only an economy programmer, K&N air filter, and straight pipe exhaust. (it sounds awesome) it already go's:escape: and tows nicely, but my goal is to get to 400HP, just because its a nice number. and not too far away. haha :p
  11. hmmm, just makes me that much more appreciative that i live in the states. i wonder why they did that?
  12. yea, knight rider. i liked the new one better than old cuz the mustang just has a killer look. and there was more action, but the old one was good too. just seems outdated now.
  13. yea, my dad couldn't quite figure out why i wanted one, and i told him that i just did. so it should be here on monday or so, i cant wait... its coming all the way from North Carolina. i paid $38 on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-BUCK-110BRS-WOOD-HANDLE-LARGE-FOLDING-HUNTER-KNIFE-W-LEATHER-SHEATH-USA-MADE-/120831864073?pt=Collectible_Knives&hash=item1c2223ed09#ht_506wt_905
  14. well after seeing this thread, i had to have one of my own. i went to bass pro shop and looked at the 110 hunter. as soon as i held the knife, felt how smoothly it opened, how well it fit in my hand, i fell in love. i would have walked out with it on my side, but i knew that if i waited, i could get it for 20 bucks cheaper online... so know i await delivery.
  15. that's the one alright,, i didnt think it would be that un-common... glad i have it though. played it a couple times.
  16. so ive got an original dukes of hazzard board game that i picked up in a shop. anybody else have one? is it worth anything substantial? i suppose there were hundreds of thousands made at one time........
  17. Aghhhagh i love it i love it i love it, im in hot pursuit trying to catch up on everything here.
  18. i gotta get me one of those. the 110. ive had a few cheap knives, multi tools, but they're all to big and bulky to carry everywhere, this looks like just the thing. Made in USA!
  19. Howdy Y'all, looks like a fun site. im a ford guy, but dang if the general cant out run the whole county. but bo and luke need mud tires on the back. they did turn it into a high riding 4 wheeler once.
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