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  1. no problem, glad i could help :)

  2. right, and the groups, on your profile on the right side you go on join social groups, pick a group and, well, click on join group, on the right side.

    puh I hope that helped, and I´m really sorry for mistakes I made, English is not my first language, but I try to make it readable.

    oh, and what I wanted to suggest, you better post a reply to your visitor messages on the profile page of the one you answer, cause then they get notified that they have a new message. if you post it on your own page, they may not see you answered them, and, well they won´t answer you, and it´s a doom loop, i guess.

    that´s all^^

  3. oh yeah, that are some questions. most important one first^^ I haven´t been a fan long yet, but in my defense I´m in germany and a haven´t really seen it here, and if i did, and just don´t remember it, i probably turned it off cause i don´t really like the german synchronisation I realised. but now I looove them Dukes :) , better late then never, I guess.

    right about the others, I posted a picture by clicking on User CP almost on the top of the page on the left side. there you can change some settings and on the left side you see 'Edit Profile Pic' aswell :)

    second, add a friend: on the right side when you´re on your profile, there it says edit your friends list. or on the profile of the..future friend, there on the right side you can click on Befriend ...

  4. Wow, very impressive collection . Welcome to HazzardNet
  5. oh australia, cool thank you Susan
  6. yeah I can understand that It drove me crazy for a while until I saw your post:p thank you
  7. hello :) thank you for welcoming me, but I have to admint I needed a translator for the second part :D

  8. hi, thank you for welcoming me :)

  9. hey :) thank you for welcoming me here, twice now.

  10. Ignor the Problem, dunno why, but it´s working now:)
  11. hey^^ thank you all for the nice welcome. Hoss, good to know I´m not the only one, and willkommen or welcome, I´m not picky:p I´ll take both. Roger, then convey my greetings to your wife:) did she live here long? And MaryAnne, I just feel better in pointing out that I´m not perfect in english, cause some actually aready complained about it, well, some were worse than me, I think:p, but still. I don´t think I´m doing that bad, I mean people still understand me
  12. hey, I have the same problem as already mentioned by Susan, I´ve been welcomed by HossC and Carlos-Argentino, thank you very much , but there is no space or something for a reply. Is that because I´m new, because my computer is playing tricks on me or maybe I´m just blind, which is of course possible aswell:-? ..help?
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