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  1. Good luck with that Roger! I was wondering where you were at Too bad you'll miss the Tom Wopat Twitter Chat tonight though...
  2. Reminder - Tom Wopat will be responding to your questions on Twitter tonight, 4/28 at 11pm EST / 8pm PST! Make sure to follow him http://twitter.com/wopatofficial and get your questions ready. This is one opportunity you don't want to miss!
  3. Should be pretty easy...are you already on Twitter? Just follow Tom at http://www.twitter.com/wopatofficial. Then you can start sending in questions @wopatofficial. When the chat starts you can still ask questions, while checking his timeline to see what he says!
  4. Yah it's pretty easy to sign on to Twitter and it's free. If you need help let me know - don't want to miss this opportunity!
  5. Thanks for bringing that interesting question to my attention RogerDuke! Speaking of chatting with Tom, he is going to be logging into his Twitter account to chat live with his fans this Thursday 4/28 at 11pm / 8pm PST. Make sure to follow him here (http://www.twitter.com/wopatofficial). Hopefully a lot of HazzardNet fans will be there to represent! Please help spread the word
  6. This Thursday after Tom gets off stage at Catch Me If You Can, he will be logging on to his Twitter channel to answer your questions! Make sure to follow him here (http://www.twitter.com/wopatofficial), then mark your calendar for Thursday 4/28 at 11pm / 8pm PST. See you there!
  7. Thanks RogerDuke! Interesting question...but I would probably follow BoJamesDuke and just let Tom go home in peace after a long day and especially at night. You should ask him yourself though if you can -Tom Wopat will be logging on to his Twitter channel to answer questions this Thursday 4/28 at 11pm / 8pm PST. Follow him here (http://www.twitter.com/wopatofficial). Would be interesting to hear his opinion if you did try to race him
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome! That's an interesting idea...it might bring awareness to his music and latest album Consider it Swung. Do you think there would be a lot interest here?
  9. Not sure if I posted this before...but Tom Wopat is currently in "Catch Me if You Can" the Musical on Broadway. Would be a nice way to see him and the show has been getting good reviews. Pics/info are on his Facebook fan page.
  10. I saw an interview of Tom and John from this concert on YouTube. Seemed like they were having a lot of fun and from the clips they sang great!
  11. Thanks RogerDuke for the warm welcome!

  12. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  13. That's a great idea to re-watch them. Besides DVDs, are the episodes anywhere online?
  14. Hey everyone...I grew up watching Dukes of Hazzard as a kid and have been a big fan. I now have the opportunity to work with Tom Wopat on his Facebook & Twitter. Looking forward to meeting other Tom Wopat fans!
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