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    A health nut, an aspiring writer, a wannabe Disney Cast Member, and a country girl at heart.
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    Kickboxing, Weight Training, Biking, Rollerblading, Swimming, Reading, Writing
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  1. YEEEEEEHAAAWWWW! Here I am on this delicious night as I watch The Dukes do their thing on the massive marathon that's going on all weekend on CMT. Last night the reverie began as they put on season 1 of our scrumptious show. It's now 2:18 am Florida Time, and I'm patiently waiting for one of my favorite episodes, "Limo One Is Missing". I have to work by sunrise, so I'm sleeping in my uniform tonight (just to simply roll out of bed and all)... but I'm not leaving without once again seeing Bo's sexy aggression against car thieves in that episode. : "Throw them guns down on the floor, boys. Come on, DO IT!" LOL Don't you just love my loyalty to the Dukes? Anyway, I can't wait until 4pm when I can come home and kick back and watch the fun some more....
  2. No no, it's just that they're young and they haven't seen the show, so it's like they don't know what DoH is really all about.
  3. LOL Call me Rider for short. Jessica Simpson as Daisy, supposedly? AAAARGH! There are so many talented, struggling actresses out there, full of potential, who would love to play the part of Daisy, and then they give the part to some crappy pop singer who can't act?
  4. I didn't have to go see this movie to know it was bad, I just saw the previews. I have a lot of friends who are younger, and unfortunately, they've never heard of the show, and some of them actually like this movie, cause that's all they know about when it comes to DoH. If only they knew about the show, most of them would appreciate the show so much more. ARRRRGHHH! I once saw this greeting card that says "These days, it requires little or no talent to be a celebrity" on the front. John, Tom, Catherine, Denver, James, Sorrell, and the TV cast busted their chops during the show's run and worked hard at their craft, and they have *talent*. The cast of the movie have little or none, I swear sometimes, nowadays Hollywood picks up bums & Madonna wanna-be's off the street and dares to call them superstars.
  5. Whoo! Fantastic! Just made the best of the best of DoH screensavers ever! Thank you both so much for your advice.
  6. Hi, everyone. It's approximately 1:33 am and I'm practically at my wit's end. I have been searching cyberspace far and wide for a Dukes of Hazzard TV show screen saver for my trusty, deserving, reliable Mac OS X , and all I find are horrible pictures of Sean William Scott, Johnny Knoxville and Jessica Simpson. Does anyone know where a new girl in Hazzardnet.com can find a decent screensaver of the TV show for her Mac?
  7. Howdy do, folks! I just got a MacBook a little while ago (after being so long on a Windows PC) and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a Dukes wallpaper for a Mac? I try, but it always says I can't cause it's for Windows... I sure could use a helping hand...
  8. Back here? Were you on with a different name? Welcome back!!

  9. I chose my name because of this shirt I got at CafePress.com. One day I was bored, and then thought of the Dukes. I figured they might be there, and sure enough, there was this shirt that said "I Ride With The Duke Boys". I had to have this shirt! Love it to this day. I hope to meet some of you at an Orlando Dukefest. I just might wear this shirt. You couldn't miss me.
  10. Hey there, I'm happy you're back on here and back in Hazzard.

  11. My name is Carolyn. I haven't seen The Dukes of Hazzard since I was a little girl. But now, thanks to the miracle of DVDs, I can! I love the Dukes, and I've had a crush on Bo since I was 7. (But I couldn't admit it until I was 33!) I'm originally from Texas, now living in Oviedo, Florida. I work at a local grocery store, but like Daisy, I aspire to higher things. I'm aiming to work at Disney World in Orlando, hopefully at one of their huge resorts or one of the shops within. I'm a newly conformed health nut who loves kickboxing, weight training, biking and rollerblading. I'm also inspiring to be a writer. Hopefully I can write novels about the Dukes, a whole series, like the Star Wars or Indiana Jones novels! We'll wait and see.
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