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  1. I have so many different collections, but here some of the crossovers. From my autograph collection. I actually had a better picture but the ink got smeared so I got this one on day 2 of the appearance. Uploaded with From my toy collection. Uploaded with Not pictured..Seasons 1,2,3, and 6 DVD sets, James Best autographed photo and Catherine Bach (single) autographed photo.
  2. Instead of a sequel the last two I say reboot the whole thing and try to do it right. The movies were OK for what they were but obviously the complaints against them were valid otherwise the second one wouldn't have been direct to DVD. Believe me I'm no prude, I'm all for good raunchy comedy. The Dukes just isn't and wasn't the vehicle to use for one. Rebooted properly something that was on it's last legs can be revived. You don't have to know anything about Superheros to know that the last two Batman movies raked it in. The first one one of those rebooted that franchise. A properly done "Dukes" could generate sequels and being family friendly could bring the kids in too.
  3. I have many hobbies but since one will let me share a fun story I'll go with it. I love 70's early 80's toys particularly Star Wars and 8 inch figures (OK dolls) made by a company called Mego. There were licensing gods back in the day. Megos were cool but were notorious for having the pin that connected the knee snap off sometimes while figures were still in the package. Recently when looking for a Bo Duke to add to my collection I used this to my advantage. I picked up this sadly neglected fellow on Ebay. Uploaded with Back in the day there was't much you could unless you were able to work the pin off another figure (they all had the same body') Today however there are other places to get the pin. So once I worked Bo out of the package (it was already open on the side due the bubble cracking) I put in a fresh pin and "Yee Haw!" good as new! Uploaded with
  4. Hello, Dukes is one of the shows I grew up on and I'm currently watching the DVD sets. I actually only in the middle of season 2 right now but that's not bad because it means have plenty to go. The "Vintage" in my username sums up my hobbies. Whether it's comics, old toys, TV, mid 70's to early 80's rule my world. Sometimes there's crossover as two of my favorite late childhood toys the 8' inch Bo & Luke figures were made the same company (Mego) who also made the superheros I loved at the time. As far as memorabilia I have the aforementioned dolls, and autographed photos of James Best, Catherine Bach and a picture of Tom Wopat, John Schneider, & Catherine Bach with the General Lee signed by Catherine and John. I have four of the DVD sets and since I'm only the middle of season two I pick up the others when I find a deal. The Dukes just represent a better, more fun time for me.
  5. Just an FYI, if you live in the northeast keep up to date with the Chiller Theatre and Super Mega Show websites. They are the two "big" shows that bring in stars from the Dukes time period. Catherine Bach & John Schneider did chiller a couple of years back and I wouldn't be surprised to see one or both back (or other stars from the show) since enough time has past and they received a great response. The Wizard convention is also one to watch as I believe Tom Wopat did one but as he was a "Friday only" guest I missed it.