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  1. Things are good. Really rainy, but it's been so dry for so long that nobody cares! Everyone's walking around town whistling 'Rain is a Good Thing' by Luke Bryan. haha.

  2. Hey Hoss! well I hope I'll be abke to stick around awhile ;) Hows things?

  3. Hey! I'm back (again!) lol. Hows are ya girl?

  4. Hey Hey!!! So I promise I'm not MIA anymore! haha. My life has been so busy I hardly have time to catch a nap, but it's slowing down now :) Hows things in Texas??

  5. Yep all year. But I don't really like watching the European leagues all that much... Ain't as good as NHL, plus I need to watch it online, and I got dial-up. not good.

    Yeah you may have a point about the speeding ticket... Take the back roads Dukes style! I've never met a cop on a dirt road before... Fish cop, but never a traffic cop! :D

  6. Meh, hockey is a sport that's played all year. A lot of the European leagues go all year, but they ain't usually as good as NHL... Mostly I just get together with a bunch of other people and get a game of road hockey going or something like that... I guess you could just get in your car and drive around really fast! haha

  7. Like you go through nascar withdraws, I go through hockey withdraws! :lol: There's really not too much to hockey, but your not the first to say that you don't get it.

    I'm going through for a degree in Agribusiness. I have a pretty heavy class load this semester but next I only have 4 classes, so I'm pumped for that! haha

  8. Yeah... I'm going to college and we only got the one TV with cable on my floor. NHL season just started up this week so we've been pretty pre-occupied with that! haha. I sometimes see the highlights of the races on TSN in the morning before class, but other than that, not too much...

  9. haha thanks Garrett, I took it myself... lol.

    Actually, I haven't been keeping too close track of NASCAR at all... tee hee. I didn't really have any time during the summer and I ain't got a tv in my dorm room yet.. :( I check the stats every now and then to see whats going on, but as far as watching it, not so much! haha.

  10. HEY TWIN!!! Hows life???

    Happy Belated birthday as well!

  11. Well I can't complain! how bout yourself?

  12. Well I can't complain! how bout yourself?

  13. fun times!

    Yeah your right... things are fairly quiet around here... weird... *looks around*

  14. oh... not a whole heck of a lot. Had a cow show last weekend, so I'm still kind of trying to recover from the late nights and early mornings. haha. My grad's coming up in two weeks, so trying to get things all organized for that, er, my mother is getting things organized... Too much stuff goes into grad anymore... I was just kinda planning on showing up and getting my scroll, but no such luck apparently... haha

    Other than that, it has been pretty un-eventful. Just watching the crops come outta the ground and waiting to go to work cowboyin for the summer.

    Hows about you guys? What have you been keepin busy at here lately? Hope you and your family's doing good!

  15. Oh i see... I think I know kinda where your talking now... Us Alberta farmers tend to ignore Ontario, the home of the Canadian government... hahaha.

    Hope your family is safe and wasn't involved in anyway.

  16. hey! no I haven't heard.... where is that? haha... no wheres around here! lol

  17. Well hello there FAN OF THE MONTH!!! Good job girl!

  18. Hey! Are ya snowed in this mornin??

  19. Hey hey! I'm not doing too bad, er, well not bad considering that we got 3 inches of rain, then 6 inches of snow on top of it here yesterday! haha. I guess that's what I get for living where I do! haha.

    Hope everything's going good with you!

  20. Hey hey! I'm alive! barely... lol

    I've been busy farming. I've been going pretty much flat out for the last month seeding our own ground and then I went and worked for a few weeks for some neighbors. I got rained out today! So I'm just chillin out and taking it easy today.

    Hope everything's good with you and your family!

  21. Yeah hopefully! I'll see how things are going at home... Might be a late night out in the fields.

  22. sorry can't... I'm at school and the server won't open chat windows :(

  23. Oh yeah! Chuckwagons are a ton of fun! Can't wait until the end of May! I get to go and work for one of those guys for the weekend! haha I'm sooo excited!

  24. Hahahaha! omg that was funny! Stupid April Fools! I'll bet that no city cops would pull April Fools day jokes on poor unsuspecting motorists! haha

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