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  1. Yes, I already grabbed your Hoggco signs- thanks for saving me that effort!! I use mostly CorelDraw- just about everything I do is vector, and I haven't found a better program for my tastes. M
  2. I'm started down the road of a project I've had in the back of my head for some time. My goal had been to recreate one of the iconic buildings of Hazzard to serve as a showcase for the 1/25 scale MPC DOH car kits. I quickly gravitated to Cooter's garage- for me, it has the most character and recognizability. Following in the footsteps of HossC, I've been rearching the building inside and out. Unlike some of the facade buildings on the Warner backlot, this one actually has a practical interior- when you see scenes inside the garage, they really are inside the garage building just off Hazzard Square. However, the building inside wasn't completely built-out for being seen on screen. The first floor was pretty much complete with the exception of the 'office' room (so far I haven't seen any episodes showing the inside). The second and third floors appear to be largely one big empty space- typical of a Hollywood backlot set. Here is my floorplan so far: I'll be sharing images of my build soon too! Mark
  3. HossC, you are a man after my own heart! I've had a similar obsession with the backlot buildings at Universal for the past 25 years or so- I've built models, collected blueprints, etc. and I could tell you way more than you'd ever want to know about sets from the Munsters, Leave it to Beaver, and many other shows shot on the backlot. Anyway- on to Hazzard: I started researching the Warner DOH sets very casually last year, and just found your threads recently here. I began the research out of a desire to do some sort of model from DOH in scale with the 1/25 MPC kits. I was partially inspired by the model of the Duke farm on display at Cooter's in Gatlinburg, TN (visited there several times in the last couple years). I quickly gravitated to the Hazzard Garage set and have been concentrating my 'note taking' on that building ever since. My goal is to recreate the garage building inside and out in 1/25 scale, right down to the individual signs, etc. I feel like Cooter's garage probably has the most character of any of the buildings in Hazzard Square, both in its architecture and how its used in the show. I've started building aready- I'll post pics when my full posting privilages are in place. I may eventually even build Rhubottoms next door... Hopefully I can also contribute to your 'Buildings of Hazzard' thread when my drawings are of sufficient detail. Mark
  4. Howdy from Orlando, Florida! Just joined- well actually, signed up over a year ago, but haven't posted until now. This time of year always makes me think Dukes- perhaps because for the last few years we find ourselves in Galinburg, TN and I always stop by Cooter's while we are there! Mark
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