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  1. Nah. I'll give it until tomorrow and then I'll put up some screen grabs. Mark
  2. Clearly the Radio Shack products were not a 'product placement' or otherwise 'permission granted' brand to be seen on the show as the name was blacked out. I haven't researched it (yet), but I get the impression that many different brands were used without regard to brand name. Its common practice to block out/remove the branding on items that might be visible on screen unless there is a specific 'clearance' to use a specific brand. I believe a Cobra brand CB was in The General, but I'm not sure if the brand name was visible, or folks just figured out which brand it was. Mark
  3. Hint: don't let the pink color throw you. A little info on the object itself: This is a GE model C-407 clock radio from the late 50s (AM only). They were made in 2 different colors: pink, and two-tone gray. It must not be all that valuable as I was able to find one each color on line (one on ebay, one on etsy). The gray one worked (mostly), and the pink one didn't, so I swapped the 'guts' so I could have a working version of the one seen in Dukes. The thing buzzes pretty bad though- not really pleasant to listen to; maybe I'll find somebody knows how to repair radios with vacuum tubes. Thinking of taking the shell of the gray one and putting an IPhone speaker dock in it. Mark
  4. No to all previous answers. I suppose by process of elimination, the correct answer will come just by guessing; there weren't that many 'standing' sets that were around for all 7 seasons. But really I was hoping for someone to actually spot it in an episode. If you watch the show occasionally, keep an eye out for it and you will spot it; it shows up pretty frequently. Mark
  5. Who knows where the prop appears in Dukes? Its not visible in every episode, but it was on the set throughout the run of the series. (HossC, you are not allowed to answer!) Mark
  6. There have to be some CB radio enthusiasts out there- anyone ever pay attention to the CB radios used on the show? I'm sure somebody has pegged the kind used in the General Lee, but what about other characters? The patrol cars, Jesse, Cooter, Daisy, etc.? Also, the CB base stations at the Duke farm, etc. I'll start off: I have only looked into one, and that is the base station used in Cooter's Garage. Its a radio shack REALISTIC TRC-432 NAVAJO CB base station (with the brand name blacked out with black tape). From what I can tell, its the same kind throughout the series, but I could be wrong on that. He does use a couple different types of microphones though. Mark
  7. I have drive through Atlanta probably a dozen times in the last 5 years, but never took the time deviate East. What was nice is that we had not planned to go there until the day before- it turned out to be a really nice addition to our vacation! Mark
  8. Didn't think to go to the visitor center, but since it was MLK day, it was likely closed. We'll just have to go back sometime! Mark
  9. Finally made it to Covington this week- I'll be posting more pics in this thread later. One highlight of the trip- we ate in a great little place called 'The Square Perk Cafe'. Great food and service. Turns out, this is the building where the infamous 'other General Lee' was parked during the chase in 'High Octane'. (click on picture below)
  10. I'd love to see pics and what you are asking- I can't find a way to email you on this forum, but you can send me an email at mbradley3@cfl.rr.com Thanks! Mark
  11. I misunderstood Hobie's original comment- I though he was referring to the 'real deal' of the southern accent, being from the south, etc. I was pointing out Ben was a 'real deal' southerner like Jimmy Best. That's what I get for trying to speed read! Yes, I'd say Jimmy, Sorrel and Denver had the market cornered on acting range and experience. Funny- as a kid you don't know all that stuff and just accept what you see on he show. Its so much fun to look back now and realize what an amazing mix of talent went into a show that so many were dismissive of. Mark
  12. Thanks Mr. Potter! Gotta make it feel like home, and there weren't no plastic in the Hazzard Garage back then! Mark
  13. There's no wood involved- its all sheet plastic. I use a scriber to delineate the boards, and some very large-grit sandpaper dragged across the surface. M
  14. Been doin some more work upstairs at Cooter's: PA080991 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr There will be a lot of attic space for storage: PA080990 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr And another look downstairs: PA080997 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  15. P9250915 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr P9250913 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  16. The Hazzard County Signworks Company (HossC, Head Designer) has been working overtime this week: P9250912 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr P9250909 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr M
  17. More pics- go to end of the album! https://www.flickr.com/photos/10867551@N00/sets/72157627880370884 P9200897 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  18. Haha- there are a bunch of things about that 1/25 diecast General that need to be painted; bugs me a lot, but I have to concentrate on the building. Its really just a stand in for the one that will be in there in the end. Mark
  19. Moving right along... P9180869 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr A few more at the end of the album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/10867551@N00/sets/72157627880370884 Mark
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