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  1. just remember dsaisy ya got a whole bbunch of people right here in this house who care for ya *he said as he hugged and kissed her
  2. one time my sister said the spirits threw a party in the house xD
  4. Jesse held the girl close to her. " well God wanted more angels in heavemn and he picked them...not you have 3 angels protecting you...your guardian angel, your momma and daddy." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Luke laughed and chased after him. "hey no head start!"
  5. jesse walks outside with a plate of cookies and a cup of chocolate milk. he sat next to her and offered her some cookies. "come here darlin' " He said as he put his arm around her and held her close
  6. " Lucas Kalan Duke don't call your cousin dork." Jesse reprimanded. " look theres Coy dais im sure he missed his big cousin why don't ya go say hi?" He said as he put daisy down. "James daisy's sad cause she lost her momma and daddy."
  7. Jesse picks diasy up and cuddles here. "there there darlin' its ok shhh"He comforted. ~~~~~~ "Shes sad cause she lost her parents dork." Luke said
  8. "Its ok they wont hurt ya..its just luke." Jesse said softly. ~~~~~~~ "wanna play cars?"Luke asked
  9. "sounds great." Luke said as he finished up. " well I gotta go now have fun kiddo...rememer that curve ball I thaught ya."Luke said to Jeremy as he ruffled his hsair then gave Jami a kiss then headed out
  10. naw your not crazy about 2 3 of my family members do have the ability to see into the spiritual world, goood and bad spirits. but 12am is usually when they come out more some places at 3am. inmy old house you coulda tell it was 12am...dead silence then dogs will bark hysterically
  11. another ting i hate is when you hear unclear whispers
  12. "Luke, Vance, Bo, James, Coy come meet your cousin." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Luke walked in and smiles hey Daisy
  13. easy ok on the top page on the orange bar in white writing you'll see user cp faq members list groups calandar chat new posts search quick links logout

    click on chat and a menu will drop down click on open chat in a new window and then a popup will come up, let it load and boom you're in chat

  14. Has anyone ever experienced them? the worst thing that ever happened to me is IO was almost pulled of my bed... well it was a cot, it was when my mom was alive and my dad and I stayed with her so the nurses would bring in a cot at night. and one night I just felt something grab my feet and kept pulling. other times id just get hit with intense fear sometimes id get chills and very rarely id see dark shadows through the corners f my eyes.
  15. I like the actor from Tokyo drift. I love his southern accent. I think its natural because i say him an another movie when he was younger and he had the accent
  16. *tackles* hey there :D

  17. hey there I dont think we've ever talked before so Hihi ^_^

  18. hey wanna chat in the hnet chat?

  19. hhey hope ya had a good first day! :D. remember hold your head up high and ask God to help you make the right choices and make the right friends :). and remember have a good time

  20. Luke smiled. "great, I love pancakes." He said as he sat down and served himselh. " well I gotta go and help uncle jesse on the farm, then I gotta head down to the fire station to take a shift."He finished. "what about you darlin' ? "he asked as he sipped his coffee
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