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  1. There was also another Doh reference in the show

    peter was playing the claw game and the claw took his watch

    then another kid came and played the claw game and won the watch and the kid was like

    "What's the dukes of Hazzard"

  2. The topic is presented as an FYI, Garrett, not as any approval, support or promotion of the parody on HNet's part. I think HNet staff has made their opinion on it pretty clear in this thread. We remain true to the original. If this stuff is out there than being aware of it (and thus you can bypass it and ignore it) is better than having stumble on it by accident such as Emy did.

    Poor Emy will be afraid to look in a bargain DVD bin the same way again! LOL

    YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!! :o...

    on a positive side I did find the Shirley Temple version of "A little Princess" ^_^

  3. OK so I was buying some dvds at the dvd store, and guess what was the first thing I saw on the shelf as I walked in "the Dukes of Hazzard" the X rated film :o.....

    at first I was like okay aybe the guy put it in the wrong section or he didn't know (the owner of the store isn't from my country) so I gave him the BOTD... so I asked hi is this the X rated film and he was like yes.


    sorry I had to like say this.. i was like O_O all evening.

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