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  1. Luke quickly took out his handkerchief holding it to Rosco's head. "Bo...go see if the other guy is ok...."
  2. The name sounded vaguely familiar, recollection starting to dawn on him. "Jamie...I used to bring her a cookie every time I came..."
  3. Luke quickly called the ambulance explaining the situation.
  4. He looked at her. She didn't look like anyone he knew. "I know you?"
  5. Luke looked back. "Bo...Bo we need t' go back... Rosco... "
  6. He stared at her wide-eyed. "You...you know...m-my..."
  7. Luke shakily reached out with the spoon, having to steady his hand with the other but managing to getsome of the soup inside of him.
  8. Luke nodded, shifting quickly as he could. "Just drive...he's gaining on us."
  9. Biting his tongue Luke quickly pushed Rosco's hat down over his eyes and ran for the General, jumping in as Bo took off.
  10. He looked at the food with an eager eye, his stomach growling as he couldn't remember the last time he ate. "W-water...p-please."
  11. Luke sat up a little, wincing as he did so. "Thank ya."
  12. "Take Lori and get in the General" he whispered to Bo. "I'll distract Rosco" He put his arm on Rosco's lowering his gun to it's holster and turned walking away with him. "So Rosco...how's Flash...ya know I haven't seen her in ages..."
  13. Luke swallowed looking around. He had woken up scred but couldn't for the life of him remember his dream...
  14. "What is it?" he asked looking further under the hood.
  15. Luke woke with a start, breathing heavily and shaking a little. He vaguely remembered where he was.
  16. Luke nodded his approval, and glanced at his cousin's grinning face. There was no doubt about it in his eyes. Lori had the hots for Bo. He had to admit she was prettier than a September sunset, but privately he couldn't help thinking that she was more his type than Bo's. But the smile hadn't left her face since Bo returned and he knew Bo ell enough that if he was interested in a girl, he wouldn't leave her alone with Luke. It figured. Bo usually got the girls...Lori would be no different.
  17. Luke's arm flailed in his sleep as if striking against an unseen opponent.
  18. Her mother called out, "Jamie, how many times have I told you not to tear through the house like the Devil was after ya?" Luke lay on the sofa, unconscious tears spilling from his eyes.
  19. Luke shrugged and winked at her grinning. "Just a question," he answered, thinking either it was an allergic reaction that was causing her to turn bright red, or she'd been bitten by a bug- the love bug. "Real cute Bo, " he added.
  20. "Wouldn't be the first time. Still..." he stopped as a thought occured to him and looked at Lori with a devilish grin. "You think my exposure's indecent?"
  21. "Quite possibly a long night" replied Luke. "Looks like your oil's leaking...an ya could use a new set of spark plugs too...good thing you're related to a mechanic."
  22. Luke kept staring at Bo yelling curses at the two men for everything he was worth. "Shut him up!" yelled Harve. The other man took a pipe in his hands. Luke knew what was coming. He looked at Bo apologetically as the pipe connected with his head, causing everything to go black.
  23. Luke eyed them both with a raised eyebrow. Between Lori acting funny and Bo volunteering to come work when he had a good excuse not to, he knew something was up.
  24. Harve turned to his friend dropping Bo to the cement floor again and wiping his bloody hands on his jeans. "You know...he has a point...if we killed him now, we'd have a witness... better get rid of him too." With pleasure," added the other man punching his hand menacingly into his fist. "Not here you idiot!" Take him somewhere far from here...then if they do find his body, no one will connect the two as easily. Luke shook his head. "No!"
  25. "Now why is it that I get the feeling you're keeping something from me?" asked Luke as he tightened a bolt. "This black hood sure draws the sun," he added stepping out from under the hood and taking off his shirt, tossing it to the ground before reaching under the hood again.
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