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  1. I'll stop hounding you for updates I'll just wait for you to add more.

  2. a couple weeks later Luke starts to feel better and his memory is coming back", and his virus is on it's way out he is on the road to recovery from now on. Bo was the first up this morning so he thought he would wake Luke up", " hey Luke wake up it's morning ", " Luke said " Bo .. were cousin's right ?", Bo said " yeah we are and Daisy is our cousin too and you have a brother ". Luke said " wait a minute i have a brother how come i didn't know about this ?', " Luke you met him just don't remember he is your younger brother". you hungry for some breakfast Luke ?", Luke said " i could go for something. So the boys made their way into the kitchen were Daisy was making bacon, eggs, and toast and she said " hey Boys are you ready for some breakfast ", Luke said " sure i just love a country breakfast it all smells really good daisy. So Daisy fixed Luke's plate first which was bacon , Eggs , toast , potatoes. Then after breakfast the boys decided to do Chores Luke was making up", for all of the times he was in the hospital in that bad coma now he was back. Cue Elly Mae Duke
  3. So later on that day Bo brought Luke home in the General and felt happy to be home but he was trying to piece to together stuff but so far nothing ", Bo asked him " well cuz do you remember anything living on the farm ?. Luke said " i ... don't really know yet this is a nice house though Bo ", I do remember being in a race of some kind with you bunch of other guys. Bo said " well that could be the Nascar Circuit that we were on years ago ", Luke said " um... i guess that could be it i don't really remember much . Then Uncle Jesse said " well Luke it's gonna take time you just woke up", your body will be okay you'll remember stuff your body is recovering still. Luke said " I'm starting to feel a little sleepy i think i'm gonna go take a rest. So while Luke was taking a nap Bo was a little concerned about Luke ", " Uncle Jesse do you think Luke'll ever be the same again cause i'm worried. Jesse said " Bo.. Luke will be good as new in a few weeks he just needs time. As Luke was sleeping he was having some weird dreams almost flashbacks about riding in the car with Bo , and being chased by a cop car ", then Luke started to see a strange dream about a car accident ",. he could faintly see a little baby in the backseat he had no idea about it. Meanwhile in the kitchen Jesse was frying a chicken while daisy did taters , Bo was husking the corn on the cob for supper ", Bo was gonna wake Luke when supper was ready but until then Luke needed a the rest he could get.
  4. You can add a post to the fever story now ?".

  5. Luke's nurse came in to check on him and was shocked to see him awake ", "welcome back Luke you was a asleep for long time now which is great news, Luke gave the nurse a funny look on account of he doesn't remember anything. So Luke's nurse decided to check his fever and noticed that it was cooler now", then she checked his IV bag and it seemed to be half full which is good too So the she left and reported to Luke's doctor to tell her the good news also. Once she left Luke gave Bo a funny look like he didn't know who he was . Luke tried to talk but his speech was a little messy " who are you ?", Bo said " Luke it's me Bo your cousin , Daisy too and your Luke Duke. Luke said " i... don..'t k..now you all i don't remember who is Luke Duke", Luke's doctor came in all smiles and said " Luke I'm so happy your awake ". Bo asked the doctor why in the heck Luke can't remember who he is or us. the doctor said " I'm willing to bet that it is from being in the coma for long, " his memory should return eventually just treat him like you would any day". she checked his fever it seemed cooler but he wasn't all the way well yet", Bo asked Luke's doctor if they could take Luke home said said that's fine with me but he'll still need to take it easy , get plenty of bed rest , no fooling around.
  6. I promise I'll stop bugging you for good cause i would never want you to stop posting it to the website ", and i did research before i

    posted this story it is just that i guess i got some facts wrong.

  7. So later on that night when Bo went to visit Luke he still looked the same, but he figured that Luke would've woken up by now so he sat by Luke's side. And he picked up his hand and said " Luke i don't know if you can hear me", " but i really wish that you could wake up and talk to me cause i miss you. Then all of sudden out of the blue Luke starts making a moan he tries to open his eyelids started to flutter some and he tried to say something but he can't. so he just said layed their and opened his eyes and he was back for now. Then Bo said " Luke your awake oh my god " " Luke you okay ", talk to me", since the oxygen mask was still on him he couldn't talk so he just blinked.
  8. After i finish this one I'm gonna be doing one about the Boars Nest on fire ".

  9. Did you know that Tom's parents names were Raeann , Carl .

    I think those are nice names and he is the fifth boy of seven.

  10. Like maybe he would have to relearn eating , talking , dressed.

    Bo feels like Luke will never be the same he tries to be brave.

  11. I was thinking that after i add another post tonight , too,

    after i was thinking Luke could wake up when Bo is with him.

  12. Like maybe he would have to relearn eating , talking , dressed.

    Bo feels like Luke will never be the same he tries to be brave.

  13. What do you think should happen to Luke next in the story ?.

    Cause i was thinking that if Luke wakes up he'll have amnesia.

  14. Can you add to the story now ", can you make your post long ?.

  15. Meanwhile Luke was still having a seziure and his doctor , couple nurses trying to stop it. his doctor told one of the nurses to turn Luke on his side even though he was hard to move anyway his legs were still flapping , arm's and Luke's seziure lasted well until noon ". Then when he stopped finally he fell back into his deep slumber ", and the doctor decided to check his temp to see if maybe that is what caused him to have those seizures", she was shocked when she noticed that his temp. had gone up she thought it was gone. then she thought she check his eyes so she lifted his left eyelid up it was the same ", then she told his nurse to refill his IV bag because it was getting low then she left. Luke's doctor went and told the Dukes that Luke just suffered a seizure because his temp. went up again then Uncle Jesse said " that ain't good news ", then she said " unfortunetly he is still in his coma and i wish that i could tell ya'll that he would wake up but i can't. Then Bo said " I don't want Luke to become a vegetable ", the doctor just sighed . Then she said " i'm sorry but i ... can't make you any promises ", the sooner Luke wakes up the better his chances will be of making it through this bug but he is still with us ". Then Bo said " can we see Luke now ?", she said " not right now you can see him later.
  16. I was wondering what could be causing Luke's seizure ?.

  17. Could you please post some more to the fever story soon ?.

  18. You can post to the story now buddy.

  19. Later on that night Luke's nurse came in to see if Luke was out of his coma yet ", she said " are we awake yet ?", she lifted up one of his eyelids and shined a light in it. she said " i don't think so " then she wrote on Luke 's chart still in coma ". then she left. Early the next morning Luke's Doctor came in to check him and she checked his temp", was happy to see that it had gone down some but he was still in a coma unfortunetly. Anyway Bo was the first to arrive to see Luke , Daisy couldn't make it cause of work. about 30 minutes later Luke's doctor came out and when Bo saw her he walked over. She said " Well I have some good news for you Luke's fever went down some ", Bo said " that's great news doc will Luke be waking up soon ?", " unfortunetly i can't give you a day when he'll wake up at the time now he is still in a coma but he's doing better, " I just want Luke to be okay ", the doctor said " i'm gonna make sure he makes it. Meanwhile Luke was trying to wake up but his eyes felt like bricks he couldn't wake up, all of sudden he started having seziures he flooping around like a fish out of water". So when Luke's doctor saw a light blink by Luke's room number she hurried into his room. " Oh Lord friends .... I'm too scared to look i just hope Luke's doctor wasn't too late.
  20. You can post now to the story i did mine last night .

  21. Could you please post something to my story now ?".

  22. Tom and John's friendship reminds me of that movie "Beaches" for those of you that have never seen it it's about two best friends who are real close. they remain best friends through thick and thin and then one of them dies. They have this saying on the case it says " some friends come and go but their is always one your stuck with for life and that is so true don't you think.
  23. Bo replied " well she's holding in their as well can be expected but it's hard. Then Enos said " Bo any word on how Luke is doing is he gonna make it ?", then Bo said " sadly Luke is in a coma due to his fever so far nothing new", we don't know if he is gonna make it yet considering he ain't out of woods. Meanwhile Luke's doctor was checking him out and she was checking his temp and she wasn't that pleased it was still high ", then she checked the machines other then the fact that his breathing was a little shallow he was okay ". So she figured she go out to the Dukes and tell them that Luke is okay ", but he still is not out of the woods considering he still has a fever ". Meanwhile Bo , Daisy , Jesse, Enos, and Cooter was still waiting patiently So finally the doctor came out and Bo was the first to notice her". Then she said " unfortunetly Luke's fever is still high , he is still in a coma", then Bo said " he will wake up eventually right doc ?", " i'm hoping he will but it will all depend on when his fever dies down but y'all can see him now", Then Jesse said " Is their anyway to bring Luke's fever down sooner ". then Dr. Duncan said " since Luke has a viral infection he can't have meds", " we could try to put him on a cooling bed that would bring it down for sure. So after the doctor was done talking she said who would like to see him ", Bo said " i guess i will doc ", so Bo followed the doctor to Luke's room . Luke looked so fragile just lying their covered in a blanket up to his chest ", and he was hooked up to an IV with water , breathing mask , so Bo picked up his hand and said " hey Luke i hope you feel better soon cuz i miss you. then he gave Luke's hair a rub and he moaned some but he didn't stir", " you know cooter and Enos are here now if you would just wake up . Then he said " dangnit Luke would you wake up ", Luke wake up please. but Luke's eyes remained closed but he's still alive which is good.
  24. I was thinking for that fire one that Luke needs plastic surgery.

    It's your turn buddy to post to the fever one again.

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