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  1. Well, this is both Bo and Luke funny quote, so I post it here. From "Play it again, Luke": Luke: "Cindy, stay here with Bo" (on the General) Bo: "You trust me so much, cousin?" Luke: "No, I trust her"
  2. Eastern is the same day of John's birthday! So, a very happy birthday to our guy!
  3. I'm agree with you: Bo and Luke were important at the same time. Maybe, of the 3 cousins is Daisy that had little less scenes, but not she is less important, but 'cause the story had as main caracters the 2 boys!
  4. I've spent lots more to have them all but I'm agree with you!
  5. Thanks for the explanation. And I'm agree with you: flag or not, I don't think anyone of the Dukes series or John and Tom say some that can be racist; they only did a show in a country of the south of Usa!
  6. But there is a scene where Tom is in the lake and go under water, in the episode where they thought Rosco is died.
  7. Jesse says something in the episode where they have to left the farm and go to other city: he says that Daisy was 5 and the other 2 very little (sorry, can't translate the exact word he use in the italian version). Don't say if they arrive together or not, or how many years there are from the guy, but I read Bo is the youngest, too.
  8. Wow! Very good! I put the clacson of General Lee on my cell phone, made with the composer!
  9. Sorry, maybe I don't understand: what is exactly this Cincinnati NAACP? It's a sort of exibition or what? In any case I don't understand why censored them: if the flag is racist then they have to censored the all series!!
  10. 6th episode of 6th season: Bo (to Luke): we did lots of street together, now we can think the same things, too Luke: yes, it's fun, don't you? Bo remains perplexed, don't sure if Luke meant that he can't ever think like him.. From "the boy's best friend" (this is not fun, but very sweet). Bo (seeing a boy without his parents): that make me come back for some years. Luke: I don't remember to be so sad, but I had you and Daisy
  11. Thanks! Well, the last one has been translated very different from the original...
  12. So good to hear them yesterday in my Mp3 reader, on the tram on the road to the city!!!
  13. Me too! In the initial scenes where he is in the bar, he seems a kid!
  14. He is very good in shorts, when he and Luke did the coach for the basket team of hazzard
  15. Do you know if there's an e-mail (not personal, obviously) where I can write to John to make him the compliments for his last film? Thanks!
  16. From "Brotherly love" (don't know if someone just write this): Luke (he weakes up after the accident): I risked to drown if I don't made him (Bo) stop crying Bo: laugh A funny, cute scene
  17. In the 5th season, when the boys came back, Bo wears dark blue jeans (or maybe are black, diffucult to say)
  18. I thought about this topic and, maybe I wrong, but it doesn't seem to me that Luke had more injuries than Bo; so I started to think all the time Bo got problems and I remeber this: 1)In "My son Bo Hogg" 2)the 1st episode of season 6 (sorry, I don't remember the original titles), when badguys kidnapped Lulu and Bo find her in the roulotte; a man knocked him and after he fall down on the floor when Luke stop the roulotte with his car 3)in the 4th episode of season 3, where a Daisy's friend go to his grandmother's home and all belive there are ghosts: Bo remain alone in the home and 2 men knocked him 4)the last episode of season 4, when some bandits sequester all the Dukes plus Boss and Rosco in the Dukes farm, and Bo tried to make Luke escape
  19. When John looked at Tom in strange way, he simply said: "Well, it's from the time I bought it that the door didn't open from this side". This a quite equal translation from the italian dialogs.
  20. He has long hair, not the same he used during Hazzard but very similar.
  21. You REALLY met John? Oh, lucky you! I'd want to!! I have to questions about the film: 1)what type of medicine had to take JR's daughter? 2)his wife really call him "J.R."? Oh, this remind me J.R. of the soap "Dallas"! Even in the titles he appears as John R.Schneider and not only with his 1st name as usual.
  22. Wow!! I reach to see the film!! A friend bought the dvd for me. Very very good and funny: John looks wonderful! His car has the same registration number of the General Lee. It's a pity that I can't understand all the dialogs but it's a very very good story!! Yeahhh!!
  23. I've seen Collier and co and I like John's haircut!
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