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  1. i think she was married before the show started.
  2. catherine was married when they were filming the dukes of hazzard and her and john were only friends
  3. the dukes and cooter cooter is crazy and funny and the dukes are always wind up rosco, enos, cletus and boss eg hazzard pond, stuck up a tree or damaging their patrol cars in some way and cooter always changes boss extra to fix them.
  4. i like both of them because they both funny in there own way i can't choose.
  5. Smokey and the banits and the dukes of hazzard
  6. i have both but i like the first one better.
  7. i watch smallville because john is in it. i saw on another website that he was in a show called smallville so i decide to watch it. i wish they did not kill john's character i still watch because i like tom.
  8. Hi i can't get an avatar below my username i try what you said but i still cannot get it to work could u tell me what i am doing wrong. Thanks.
  9. it shows Johns General Lee at the start of the clip at the BQQ 1 www.patriotresource.com-tv-action-graphics-doh_pic7_sm.jpg
  10. rosco calls cletus a dipstick and cletus said if i was a dipstick i would b a rich one because i would live in oil. buzzards on buzzsaw flap on a ferris wheel
  11. Rosco is funny because he calls his depury dipstick when it is his fault to start with like when he crashs this police car and all his little catch phase i love it love it, dipstick, horendous crash you don scuffed my vehicle or flash or his uniform.
  12. when they are looking for the barrels of shine can't remember which epsidoe it is from but daisy says the only thing scary down there is bo and luke it just the way she said it.
  13. either daisy or one of the girls bo dated.
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