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  1. can anyone tell me how you get a avatar. i have tried many of times but i still have not been able to. thanks for all replies!!!
  2. thanks for the reply lotsheep22. but i have decided that i don't need that photo. thanks anyway!!
  3. i was wondering in the first few episodes of the dukes i think that enos is kinda cute. anyone agree?
  4. thanks for the reply kate25! it is very much appreciated!
  5. I know that in season 2 on the ep The Runaway Daisy gets her Dixie Jeep. But on one of the eps on season 3 daisy has her Yellow Car again. Does anyone know why?
  6. The brown haired girls name was Tinker Churchill. (Bo's G\F)
  7. I was wondering if anyone had a picture of Bo and Tink in the episode Mason Dixons Girls. Thanks for all reply's!
  8. As for me it is: 1- Bo duke 2- Daisy Duke 3- Luke Duke 4- Enos Strait 5- Uncle Jesse
  9. I agree Daisy Duke Rox Bo is the absolute BEST!!!!!
  10. I have always liked Bo much better. Luke is cute but not near as sexy as Bo. I agree with you 100% DixieRose_00!
  11. I agree with you DixieRose_00 Bo is by far more sexier than Luke!
  12. Donna Fargo and Buck Owens was also on one ep
  13. It said i was Daisy (thats good)! It said only 15% of the people who took the quiz got the same results. AWESOME!
  14. My favorite Bo quote is: Bo: "I swear Luke if women were birds you'd date a buzzard! Luke: "You'd date a crane NO MEAT!" I think that is from the ep. One Armed Bandits.
  15. I definately like Bo much better. He is so much cuter!
  16. Mason Dixon's Girls is my favorite ep of the whole series. It is a must see!
  17. Thanks for the replies! On more question.... does anyone know a website where i can find some really good photos of the cast and characters
  18. I think Bo Duke is so HOT. I know all of the girls on this site agree!
  19. Thank-you. well said. I totally agree. I am VERY much so agree with you!
  20. I totally agree with you Daisy_Duke_Girl. Bo was just plain amazing!
  21. And one more thing.....In every episode Bo has to get punched in the face at least once. He is also the last one to finish fighting too.
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