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  1. Yep, she's got her little girls Holy Communion to attend... by the way I am no closer to figuring out which one cause like everyone has theirs at different times, lol.
  2. Hey guys, if you have Catherine on your myspace, keep watch! There is someone on her page that has been pretending to be her. I cant tell you everything I know because we're still working on getting word to Catherine, and still working on exposing him. However, you CAN help myself and the other girls working on this with me out. If you have received a message or comment from Catherine on myspace, then send it to us at www.myspace.com/catherinebachsfanatics PLEASE it is important that we weed out which ones are him and which ones are really Catherine. We will inform you if you have been taken by the fraud or if Catherine has actually sent you a message. ALSO please do NOT ask Catherine about this through myspace or email. Chances are, he might get to it first and delete it, and make sure Catherine never sees this. Currently, we are working on a letter to Catherine, and we have an idea on how to make sure she is the only one that gets it. Also, we are going to contact her manager, so if any of ya'll know how to touch base with him, please let us know. We know who the fraud is. But we would rather not say anything until we are sure that Catherine has been alerted, and that we have a rough estimate of how many people have been misled. Please ya'll. By all means help us catch this guy. Help us make sure that he never does this ever again. I want him to know what its like when a persons very loyal fan base gangs up on him. This guy has computer smarts... but he doesnt have street smarts. He's one of those people that grew up being snotty rich kids (no offense to anybody on here that might be rich) and got exactly what he wanted without having to work for any of it (once again, no offense to anybody else like that.). ALSO he has been giving out false information like free donuts at church. Or samples at Sams or Wal-Mart. Lets just say on that note that he pretty much told me and a couple other people that Catherine was working on something that sounds like it came straight out of the Dukes reunion #1. And before that he found out one of my favorite singers is Dolly Parton and managed to use THAT knowledge against me as well to make up something that would get ME excited, and think i was in on a big secret. SO help us out!!! If you want this guy to be brought down like I do, then please send us your messages and comments if you have any, and if you can, please help us to contact anybody that could reach Catherine without this guys interference. Manager, Agent, husband... stuff like that. Yeah, if anyone here knows how to contact her husband (Entertainment Lawyer Peter Lopez) then please by all means do tell us. He could prove to be VERY useful. ~*Michelle*~
  3. Neat that sonny was in it!!! I just didnt particularly care for the singer. She looked like she was trying to be sexy... not that country music cant be sexy, but I dont think what she was doing was all that great... I didnt like the song too much either. But Sonny was GREAT!!!!!!
  4. Yeah, he put up pics on myspace, all he did was trim it. I wonder who came up with that crazy idea to give all his female fans a heart attack!!!! Sounds like something Breety might come up with, lol. At least John is still SCHNEIDERLICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hahaha these are all great!!!!!!!! (daisyn'enos, if you see this get on messenger or send me a pm on cathys board and here. This will be edited out later) I love all the Bo lines.... I have a favorite somwehere I just cant think of it, lol
  6. hehehe. Poor Enos. He didnt even get to see her in her unmeantionables when she was changing in the General on their SECOND wedding day, LOL!!!! (Get on Yahoo Messenger girl!!!)
  7. Alright. First off: Aspergers is like a mild form of autism. BUT theres a difference. Okay, if a kid has Aspergers, he/she is often confused with being bipolar or having ADHD. If someone has Aspergers, they tend to take in alot of information about certain things. Like.... my brother has it, and he soaks up alot of information about science, he can spot a mustang GT or Volkswagon Bug a mile away, among many other things. Some tend to have problems with learning. NOW Aspergers, anyone can live with it, they can live off on their own, and take care of themselves, and be independant. They are actually pretty normal, except in the sense that they have small problems. Obsession, repetitive behavior, stuff like that. SO dont get the wrong idea when someone meantions Aspergers, a person with it really isnt all that different from a person who doesnt. Secondly: I dont know if this has been established yet, I just read the first page and replied,lol. Leah and Chasen are Elly's kids from her first marriage. Leah is the oldest, and I cant remember how old she is. Chasen is about 16 or 17. John adopted them after he married Elly. Then, about a year after they got married, they had Karis, who will be 13 this year. Everyone got that??? Now its all been cleared up if it wasnt before, lol
  8. The one that says underneath "John Schneider talks about the character Daisy Duke"
  9. If you go to www.cmt.com and type in John Schneider under the artists thing, OR Dukes Of Hazzard under the shows thing, then you can find videos of the cast talking about stuff. In the one where John talks about the character Daisy Duke, he starts off pretty much about them skinnydipping when they would get off work, lol
  10. John has been married for about 14 years now. Last year at Dukesfest, Elly said they had been for 13 years, so I'm gonna say 14 by now. On another note: Did ya'll know that John and Catherine used to go skinnydipping together??? John said so himself... called it "innocent fun" He says his wife gets onto him saying "No it wasnt, you know it wasnt!" hahaha. Catherine Bach got married in 1975 at the age of 21. She got divorced in 1981, then she got married to her current husband in 1990.
  11. Are you sure it was just a wild rumor??? Has anybody seen him since that thing got posted on that site??? Augh I'm sick and tired of not knowing!!!! Someone send him a message on myspace, or ask Breet or Erik.... AUGH!!!!
  12. OMG me too!!!! Did you know that when "Daisy and Enos' Wedding" was being written, the writers wanted them to get married because if the show ran another season they would have more story ideas but the producer said no??? I think it was the producer. Although I dont know why they didnt get married in the reunion.... Thanks though, I'm very glad you like it!!!!
  13. This is what Catherine said to everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday!!! I'm just trying to spread it where it has not yet been put!!
  14. I totally agree. I have thought for quite some time that Danny Diveto would be perfect
  15. Did anybody that went to Dukesfest get any video footage of Stella Parton performing? The reason I ask is because I got to sing with her on one of the songs, and I was out there watching her for most of her performance. I wanted to relive the experience through video, and I would really appriciate it if anybody that got anything of Stella's performance could send it to me. You can send it by email cathybachfans@aim.com, joannasmithfan@aim.com, dollynellduke@aim.com, or dollysnumber1fan@hotmail.com or if you could upload it somewhere that I can easily download it and reply to this message with it, I would SO appriciate it!!! That was the greatest time of my life, just standing out there watching her was fantastic!!! I'm trying so hard to find something of it, its really important that I find something, if anything was ever taped of that. ~*Michelle*~
  16. We've just received word: John and Don Gilley (Stunt Coordinator travelling with him) were driving along in Alabama on their way to Enterprise WHEN SOMEONE SHOT AT THEM!! They are driving a powerful Dodge RAM 3500 hauling a trailer with three cars from the movie. The gunshot SHATTERED THE WING WINDOW of the Dodge Charger that was used for the jump stunts!! John and Don are both okay and made it safely to the theater in Enterprise. This came from his myspace, one of the guys thats running it while he is away posted a bulletin about it. I cant believe somebody DID THAT!!!
  17. Right now, they are scheduling screenings. See, the wat they figure it is if they schedule screenings that John himself attends, then people might tell their local theatres "PLAY COLLIER AND CO!" and it would eventually spread to all the theatres. People are doing that anyway, whether or not they've seen it. SO TELL YOUR THEATRES TO GET COLLIER AND CO IN THERE!!!!!
  18. Has anybody here seen it yet? Did anyone get here in Arkansas???
  19. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=1179819336 He's in there for a brief few seconds, he's at the door trying to get in the room Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton are in, lol
  20. I just love this one!!! Let me know what you think!
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