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  1. Nope no way 4 me to place any ads. Oh well guess I'll keep it LOL
  2. I was wondering if anyone has purchased the set of JL cars that after you open them you can use the cardboard inside the packages to make the original Boars Nest!
  3. Bumperettes arived yesterday also. I will try to get them on this weekend & will post pix if I do.!
  4. Oh wanted to share my new personalized license plate arrived last week check it out!
  5. Hey Julie sorry I never saw this message til just NOW!

    It is going great. I am heading to a Dukes gathering in PA tomm night should be a great time!

    Where you hail from?

  6. General out back of show Linda Hamilton George Kennedy
  7. Um yea & I took lotsa pix They had a General Le out back & the guy was charging to sit in it & get yer picture taken. I went through & saw & talked to lotsa Stars. Top of my head in addition to the pix above: Eric Estrada Morgan Fairchild Washington, Epstien, & horseshack Barry Williams (Greg Brady) Linda Hamilton George Kennedy btw that is Ralph Machio in the pic above also saw Kevin Nash kid that got his tongue stuck to teh pole in Christmas story The bully from 3 oclock high Leslie Neilson etc etc etc Was VERY & I MEAN VERY easy to get the autographs. Prob MUC
  8. Took the day off & took my family to the Oldest American Zoo today in Philadelphia, Pa.
  9. Had John on the decklid already but had to add him to my air cleaner!
  10. Got Catherine to sign several thing this past weekend including my decklid! Her & John were in NJ.
  11. I cannot seem to figure out just where to "start" a thread in the parts for sale section?
  12. MaryAnne, plans are for me & some of my collection to be there to get signed. I am going on Sunday expect pictures after this weekend for all to enjoy... (only a 2hr drive 4 me)
  13. Thats cool did you do up inside the bus at all ?
  14. Oh I'm the one in the middle, I know I know ..duh, LOL
  15. LOL nice one oh I so wish there was such a place in all reality but alas, LOL. take a 5 or 6 in front of that price & welcome ack to reality!
  16. Roger, Thank you buddy. I almost feel like a book has been thought of written published & sold & now I got nuttin to write or share LOL. The pond pictures. I went to a show in North Jersey when I saw Don Pedro & Byron & while on the way to the show in the morning I saw it out of the corner of my eye & was like MAN that would be a great photo opt. Coming home I passed it & said NA I gotta go back & slowed down backed up & lost my buddy in the meantime in front of me. Snapped the shots & got lucky is all. Even the camera was borrowed LOL. Oh & the pond is
  17. Capt. I have lotsa details to do & now the weather is gettin C O L D E R I am not in the mood LOL. I am just thrilled to have that car in the garage. I open the door sometimes & look in there & just smile. Weird yea but so satisfying, its such a relief to have it back again at my home....ok nuff about that. Your "?" well my list is: need to find out why headlights are so dim & solve that driver side mirror door lock kit engine harness fix radio shortin out on me glove box inside cardboard, got it just have to put it in i am in need of a pod for my headlights f & b bumperet
  18. This car is too much fun! Took it to that parade you see above & won Then this past Saturday I took it to Barrington harvest festival & won Ladies Choice (one of the 3 bigger trophies there) OK Then I left that show & went to Atco ave annual Fall cruise night & won Best of show over 60 some cars! GQQD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. There is a thing called Chiller Theatre & well lotsa stars show up 2 sign stuff. Now that I have finished my own General Lee I wanna have Cathy sign it (John has already). I plan on taking off the decklid & draggin it on into the event. Wish me luck, LOL. Its the wknd of 24, 25 & 26th of Oct. Oh heres the link for the show event www.chillertheatre.com
  20. Took it to a parade Saturday night & won in the Antique/Classic car catagory. Did not even know there was a competition but it was nice to hear I won. They have a trophy presentation in a few weeks. I cannot wait to have my son go up to get his trophy! He is gonna flip! (oh in the pix below thats him in there sound asleep lol) Heres a few pix from the parade local cops wanted to pretend to pull me over & tale a few cell phone shots with their phones & I was like SURE & snapped a few myself in the staging area b4 the parade!
  21. Why thank you ever so much DixieRoss & just for that heres a few more from that imprompt pic session on the side of the hwy that afternoon!
  22. Went & met Byron & Chris & got their autographs in Carlisle. Since then I have met Ben Jones, John Schneider, Catherine Bach, Tom Wopat, Rick Hurst, Don Pedro Colley, Sonny Shroyer, and some on more than one occasion & got many autographs on items. Heres a few I have on display. Pictures are so much more fun to look at than words I think LOL. Enjoy
  23. I am going tomm to the mall near me that has a Lids store & try & get one! Heres the web site if you want to see if there is a Lids near you! http://www.lids.com/locations.html
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