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  1. Old seats: Old Foam coming off New foam going on It's gettin there.....stay tuned!
  2. Also snagged a set of headrests & they are aclose match to the seat covers I shot with vinyl dye!
  3. OK This package just arrived today filled with cool stuff!!!!
  4. I'm in but I gotta keep my eyes peeled for when it happens so I can get on board didnt even know we had a chat forum til I dug & locatrd it..........
  5. lol yea I cant post pictures of my sons room here now, hmmmm....Guess I'll hafta start a new thread but wheres a good place so that all can find it? I'm gonna go look.
  6. LOL its his basement the entire place. I am headuing up there this wknd (north Jersey) I will take pix & get'em posted up here. I did my sons room in a Dukes room too. I thought I posted those poix on here somewhere?? As for the yellin part thanks but my wife yells plenty for me here!
  7. Bummer I have a buddy that has all 8X10's in his Dukes room & thats a picture hanging there without a signature. Thanks though
  8. did I not post it on here? If I didnt let me know & I will get it on here. The thing is 15+ minutes long so I had to choose at least one long song & then two better songs LOL. one of the shorter ones is east bound & down though
  9. I dont ever plan on gettin rid of the pictures, costs nuttin to keep'em right? Oh & remember all the pictures you see on line here tiems that by 3 or 4 as to how many more I actually have! I did a montage dunno if I posted on here or not but thought I did. I am going to order a DVD of all the pictures w/music after I get the car 100% done.
  10. LOL thanks bud. This weather is funky right now here & I have a ONE car garage that allows just the car in there. 2 days ago its snowed all day & today its supposed to be 55!.
  11. LOL they are out there & who's to say theres even a model stil lin there? Could be just the box? Good luck getting yours too!
  12. PIX PLEASE!!! I mean if ya got'em that is? (thats open for anyone btw...)
  13. Oh man lemme tell you there is sooooo much more there that I didnt take poictures of. Like the fact he has an entire store there with things for sale up front. Not to mention ALOT more memorabilia! deff worth the trip. I am going to be headed there once or twice this year & I will take more pix for all to se.
  14. The farmhouse (in case you have not been there) is actually on someones front lawn believe it or not. The house "behind" & to the left of it is awesome and contains another landmark on it. I believe also that the house was just sold not to long ago. The previous owner knew what it was and allowed people to take pix and even some to enter it. I dunno if the house sold or if so, if the new owner is as tollerant?
  15. When you are in the town square go to "A Touch of Country" It is a store right in the square. They have a small tribute in the rear of the store that includes newspaper clippings of events that took place there & also when the show was being filmed. They may have a map there 4 U to use to locate locations.
  16. Roger from what I understand it is on a registry so it cannot be knocked down. I believe it was built in Cival war era. to answer the other "?" Yes it is still standing.
  17. Man I dunno bout all you guys but it is C O L D here in NJ. I a mwanting to play/work on my car so bad but the cold tells me, "no shot". I have been buying what I can since it's been gettin colder & colder & I have not aquired a nice stockpile that should keep me busy long after it startes warming up here on the east coast! The parts/ Items I have so far to go on the car are: New Alluminum Radiator Remote driver side mirror Engine wiring harness Front light harness Rear bumperettes Console woodgrain kit Just ordered new door panels & rear panels also ordered seat buns & F &
  18. Yes this is the Dukes Farm front addition/porch is gone & this is whats left Bridge where Boss & Rosco slide down the embankment & into the creek as the General goes by Daisy's Bikini sceene which is very close to "Dirt to Road" Heres one you'll all know
  19. Cooters original garage & this is where the shoot for the junkyard chase sceen took place in this yard which is 50 feet from the last pictue above btw.
  20. Here are some Georgia shots I took in 07' College (opening shot General Jumps Monaco) looks exactly the same & yes is a beautiful as it is in this picture Orphanage ok right to the right of this shot is where the General landed after jumping the flatbed trailer & this (now store) is the location for Mary Kays baby shooting:
  21. But wait theres more!!!! Act now & I will show ya even more! actually I think thats it for that trip hope ya enjoyed let me see if there are any more maybe outside.....
  22. OK without any further adew ad no admission to you here is the inside: LOL:
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