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  1. Nash, how cool is that! Guess I was there b4 he bought it or when he was about to buy it because that what we were told. That it was being sold back then. Cool to see he is aware & wants to make it presentable Very Cool indeed! Cannot wait to get back down there this hear or next again & have a shot of it with my own Lee in front of the fence!
  2. OK well Having my own General Lee as some of u already know there was a parade & well........My wife was (Daisy), My son (Rosco) & my Buddy Mark (Luke) & I ---> yea yea u get the idea.......well there was a Halloween Parade last wknd & well........... Here is the results I'm entering:
  3. ended up at a local event so didnt go down to the racepark...oh well. maybe next time. We did win at the event we attended though so that was cool...LOL
  4. Gimme a Diablo sandwich and a Dr. Pepper, and make is fast I'm in a god dam hurry! . . . oh & I also like . . . Thank ya nice lady
  5. ANYTIME! I mean anytime yer in NJ that is or anywhere else i take the car to that is. That goes for anyone out there. If you see I am going to be somewhere please by all means approach me & away we go! I am actually going to try & go to a show tomm that allows you to drive your ride on the racetrack. It's called Thunderbolt raceway in Millville NJ. will keep you posted how that goes!
  6. WQW! Thanks so much for that. It's great to see people lookin at my pictures & then to have someone like yourself make such an awesome comment, well it floors me. I REALLY love owning this car. Gettin the autographs from the cast & having Byron drive the car not to mention taking it to shows & parades....it's all so so so much fun. Honestly MORE than I ever anticipated. People tell me at shows "Beautiful car, Love it, or man I always wanted one". I have a fewl responses I usually say, Thanks so much, It's a fun car! Then I also say from time to time, it's so much fun to take it ou
  7. Just met Jimmy Best again & this time my car was done so he is now on the decklid too!!!!
  8. thank you thank you thank you By The Way I have this coming up next weekend (was postponed due 2 rain) I saw the show was going to be a benefit & that there was gonna be a Batmoibile & Green Hornet car so I called the guy runnin it & mentioned I had a General Lee & knew a guy close with a Herbie & another guy with a Starsky & Hutch car & would it be ok to come to the event. The guy said sure, since then its been postponed til 8/29/09 due 2 rain. I have also been in contact with a Christine car & a K.I.T.T. Car & they are both commited & I am searching
  9. OH YEA!!!!!!!!! winnin up Carlisle!!!!!!
  10. Roger, yea it was sure a junker fer sure & it has come a long way too. I will get more pix on here of it. All of it lol. It has been out to shows & is winning...even took 3rd up Chryslers @Carlisle & its not 100% yet (never did under the hood yet) Plans R 2 do that this fall
  11. Brian, I would not mind you using my picture of me & my lil guy on your write up. Just make sure ya send me the link to my email tomdroptop@aol.com so I can check it out. Tom (ps thanks for asking 2 use the pic)
  12. oh got him to sing my visor & air cleaner also! Great guy always a pleasure to see Sonny!
  13. Took my decklid to Cooters in Tenn last week while on vacation.....yes I took my decklid on vacation LOL Sonny was there so I was able to add another signature to my General !!!! ps thats my son in the go-cart behind me!!!!!!
  14. hmmm never really use dthis forum much. Open for suggestions as to what, when, how & so on. LOL

  15. I have not heard anything about any gathering of Lee's there in Covington yet but post it here if you hear anything. I'd drive back down again!
  16. That was cleaver I must say. OK cool you remember his room. It's still that way & we are out & about every weekend he & I can be at local shows showing off our General Lee. I make him go get the trophies he gets a kick out of it. Wait wasnt this about Peggy? LOL.....
  17. Hey there big fella good to see ya made it over to this site!

  18. Used Dyno-Mat everywhere I could... Put on the new mirror New door panels came in! Seats in!!
  19. Popped a few more on here but They have apparently not been approved yet?
  20. Gettin there! Needs a lil tweekin here & thre but for the most part ready to go back in after the ends go on & the seat backs get covered & I add lots more Dyno-Mat
  21. I was hoping to try & see Rick this year again if possible. I met him b4 & now woud love him to sign my General Lee decklid. So if anyone has any info please post away!!!!
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