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  1. This rear tail light panel was so bad I decided to buy the new one & then while I was at it I decided to get the valance also...
  3. Go Daney Just Happened Upon This Post & Was About To Suprise Him With The Poster & Ya Pulled A Fast One One Me. I Am Headin Up To The Event Looks Like It Is Gonna Be A Blast For Sure! Hope To See Sone Of Ya'll Dare!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Im in New Jersey or as you may here us call it .... Jurzey. I see no others here from here yet but some sorta close in Pa. graduated in 85 udoo the math LOL. see you at Carlisle!
  5. Now I need a hood & the car goes to the bodyshop for body & paint & to be numbered. I bought the sticker kit & have a rollbar being made & have a lead on a pushbar but all those things can wait as I need to pay the bodyman 1st LOL. Also debating on having a local artist paint on the number & flag & so on. So we'll see!
  6. Also went from a column buddy seat car to a buckets console car:
  7. The car actually is a 69 Charger already its just got the 70 clip on it & I have been collecting parts & bringing it back to a 69 charger as it was once. I have collected the seats, grill, fenders, bumper brackets, valance & other stuff. I guess I will have to post more pix
  8. My name is Tom. I am an avid Dukes fan even at 40yrs old. My wife puts up with it & my son (2yrs old) is in love with the show now too. I don't believe I have posted here for some time lost the address but located it again. I am going to go poking around to see what it like. I do own several Mopars and I am currently in the process of making my 69 Charger into a General Lee.
  9. Hey ya'll I am new round here & wanted to post that I was in need of a 68/69 charger hood. I'd love to find one withing driving distance to save on shipping, but can't be all that choosy either so.....(I am in NJ).... What do you have?? thanx Tom
  10. Dukefan, good luck. They are out there but just not anywhere as near cheap and easy as in past years. I was lucky to grab this one about 8+ yrs ago. Heres a few more updated shots
  11. Shot a bunch of interior parts with the SEM Saddle color. Heres b4 & After
  12. Thanx for the info I have started the work pullin the old 318 engine & tranny & installing a lower milage 318 & fresh tranny..
  13. The Jeep was inside so I didnt take any pix of it.
  14. Asian, not sure but here are some shots I took last month of the cars that were outside that day...
  15. I am actually doing one from scratch myself. Well not scratch LOL but it is a 1969 Charger with a 1970 clip on it. I intend to replace the 70 pieces with 69 pieces as I locate & purchase them. Bought it years aho & was sittin til I got a bug to do one up. Here's a shot of it when I had it brought from my mom's to my place.
  16. TomBo

    U'r Cars?

    Heres a front shot: I also own a 69 charger currently under construction to be a General...
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