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  1. Bo swallowed hard hearing everything Daisy was saying, quietly pulling her close as she finished voicing her worries and once more dissolved into tears. Gently he shushed her as he rocked her soothingly side to side in his arms, resting his chin on top of her head softly. "I'm trying Dais...I really am tryin' with him but I don't know how t'get through to him anymore...he won't let me. He's ignoring me just as much as he's ignoring you and everyone else in town...Its hard to grab his attention even for a second anymore..."
  2. Giving a sigh of relief, Bo released the foot he had been holding whilst trying to wrench the black boot off, heading to the door and opening it carefully with a smile behind the white beard and moustache that adorned his face. "Sorry Dais...I didn't want Luke walkin in while I was tryin' this on is all..." Moving aside he let her in, his smile quickly fading though as he saw she had once again been crying. He hated how much she had been doing that lately...not because it was annoying but because he usually knew the cause for her tears and it killed him that he couldn't do anything to stop it as much as he would try. "Everythin ok darlin'?"
  3. ~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~ It wasn't until a few days later though, and after much conversation with Daisy about what Boss had proposed, that Bo was finally standing in front of the mirror in his bedroom with the door closed, trying on his Uncle's Santa Suit. Course, the county had had to supply some padding as no child was going to believe Santa suddenly become skinny over the past year. Other than that though, the suit fit perfectly and Bo could have sworn it still had Uncle Jesse's smell and warmth in it, as though he'd just taken it off and handed it to Bo himself. In a way, it was comforting for Bo to have that little piece of his Uncle with him, it was nice to be a part of the tradition his Uncle had started in the family. Turning this way and that to inspect himself from all sides, Bo couldn't help but smile at the sight of himself. He had to admit, he did look convincing enough, though it would be hard to measure up to Jesse's so natural protrayal. He was quickly brought back to attention however as the doorknob to his room rattled - he having locked it while he was trying on the suit, afraid of Luke's reaction if he saw him. Quickly he started scrambling to pull the black boots off, calling out in as calm a voice as he could. "Who's that?"
  4. Bo couldn't help but smile at the banter as he climbed into the window of the General, stopping his full slide into it though as Cooter passed the napkin his way. Biting his lip a little he took it with a small nod, but admitted quietly. "Thanks for that Cooter but...I don't know i'm in the mood right now t'be datin' again...I don't feel like i'm that much fun t'be around if m'honest...it'd take someone pretty special t'put up with me at the moment.."
  5. For a moment after the question had been asked, nothing happened. Bo remained as he had been sitting, and gave no indication that he had even heard his friend's concerned part question part statement. Truth was he didn't know how to answer that honestly....it was true Luke wasn't doing so great...but then again none of them were handling the situation ideally. Luke was just being Luke...maybe a more intense, emphasized version but that was what his cousin did when he was upset...always had been. It always played on Bo's mind that maybe they were just making too big a deal over the way Luke was handling things...if they left him alone maybe their lost sheep would come home to them before long, in his own time and in his own way. Course, another part of his head told him he that was just plain crazy. Eventually he raised his head with a small nod before getting up and heading back outside now the Boss had retreated back to the saftey of the courthouse. "We best get a move on Cooter, otherwise all those good trees'll be gone...you gonna ride in the General or being yer own truck? I brought the trailer along..."
  6. "I'll think about it." That was the only reply Bo gave before pushing away from the General and heading into the garage alone. He wasn't about to be pushed around by anyone when it concerned Uncle Jesse, and although he had gotten past much of his grief and was in no way as bad off as his older cousin was, there were still things about his Uncle that were sore and too raw to talk about or sometimes even think about. No amount of threats to do with money or jail time was going to change that. Sighing, he flopped down onto one of the chairs Cooter kept around, leaning forward and putting his head in his hands gently. He heard some sort of commotion going on outside, heard Boss getting all hot under the coller and Rosco just bumbling his way through some sort of incompletly thought out threat....heard Cooter as always jumping to his defense and telling Boss in no uncertain terms where he could go. That was one thing he could always rely on...that when things got hard, he'd always have a friend there ready to go through those things with him, to help him....and it wasn't always Luke.
  7. As soon as those words passed Boss' lips, Bo's anger instantly melted away and was replaced with a deep sinking feeling in his stomach. Town Santa Claus....for as long as he could remember Jesse had always been the town Santa Claus, even he had unknowingly sat on his Uncle's lap in the town square watched by his Aunt when he was a kid....always amazed when he usually got pretty much everything he had asked for...or it at least came really really close. He hadn't even given a thought as to who would replace him...he hadn't even thought he would ever be replaced...and here he was being asked to be that replacement. He didn't know whether to feel angry, insulted or just plain upset. Swallowing hard, his gaze which had suddenly turned to the floor as if he had found the tips of his boots much more interesting turned back to Boss....and even Rosco recoiled a little at the hurt and lost look in Bo's eyes. Bo coughed a little to try and clear the lump in his throat before saying in a tight voice. "I urm...I...why didn't you just ask...why d'you have t'turn everythin' inta a threat? That was Uncle Jesse's job...I should be...honoured that you asked me t'take over from him...why d'you gotta spoil that?!" Really he knew it wasn't Boss' fault that he felt the way he did....it was just eaisier taking it out on the fat man in front of him.
  8. Community Service....those words sounded almost foreign...it was very rare Boss ever let money slip through his fat fingers, especially not the amount that the fake tickets added up to. Shaking his head, he stood up a bit straighter and folded his arms, his temper rising to the surface. "Alright Boss, what d'you want....and I don't care what kinda amount of money you got holdin' over me...I ain't doin hours on hours of pointless tasks when I'm tryin' t'not only hold a farm t'gether with Luke, but also trying t'hold my family t'gether!" He hadn't really meant t'say it...he hadn't really let anyone know - not even Cooter - how bad off Luke was, how much the family was falling apart. However, it was getting harder and harder to keep things under control when the pressure just kept mounting.
  9. Clenching his jaw a little, Bo didn't say a word as the tickets were handed to him, instead taking the time to flick through them slowly and read the kind of trumped up charges he was used to being written on these tickets....and actually manage to have a little bit of a chuckle at how mis-spelled most of them were. However, there was nothing funny about the amounts on those tickets and how much they were all totalling up to as he flicked through them. "Boss, for starters you's made half of these tickets up...or maybe not you but Rosco has 'cause most of these is spelled wrong...and secondly, what is it you want?" Rosco scowled and stepped a bit closer to Bo...though not much considering Bo was not only that much taller than he was, without Luke around there was no one to stop Bo punching first and asking questions later...Cooter sure as heck enjoyed a good fight. "Don't you be accusin the Boss of that Bo Duke! He's lettin' you outta them ticket charges outta the goodness of his heart, you should be thankful!" Bo couldn't help but give a laugh, shaking his head. "Who you tryin' t'kid Rosco? Only thing he's got in that chest o'hs is lard lard an' more lard...."
  10. Bo laughed and nodded in agreement to the work statement. While no one would argue the fact that the DUkes worked hard on their farm, it was always a long running joke with Cooter that not only did he and Luke used to keep Cooter in buisness, they added a whole nother work load onto him in the form of the General and the amount of times he got wrecked. At least there were some things that hadn't and hopefully would never change. Leaning against the General, he listened as Cooter clomped his way up into the small space in the upstairs of his garage and nodded even though his friend couldn't see. "Yeah I figured so Cooter, after years of searchin fer the right place that one has been the only place we've ever really had good luck in findin the right trees..." he called back, squinting against the sun as he looked up at the old building that sometimes was like a second home to him. If there was ever trouble or he just needed to get away, he always knew he could rely on this place. "Bo Duke!" It wasn't so much the shout that made him jump and give a yell as it broke him from his reverie, but the hand that clamped itself on his shoulder at the same time. Quickly he spun round, only to be greeted by the sight of both Rosco and Boss Hogg. "Rosco what're you playin' at?! You dang near gave me a heart attack!"
  11. It wasn't long before Bo was heading into town, the orange paint of the General gleaming where Luke had, of course, given him a full wash and wax as well as cleaning every nook and cranny inside the race car. The engine had never been so smooth and it made the perfect soothing noise to accompany the gentle, crisp breeze that whipped softly through his hair. He had forgotten how much just driving around in the back roads of Hazzard made life seem that much eaisier. All too soon though, the ride came to an end as he pulled up at Cooter's garage, ready to head out on their mission to find a christmas tree that not only would look perfect....but would also drop as many pine needles on Daisy's floor as possible. Grinning, he slid out to be greeted with a pair of feet sticking out from underneath a car, heading to him. "Cooter I toldja when I was comin' over and yet yer still here workin!"
  12. As the conversation came to a close, Bo headed back to the phone and dialled his friends number. It had been a while since he'd been able to just relax with any of his friends around the town, or any of the girls for that matter. Things had been so hectic, too busy to continue with the lifestyle he used to live - heck he couldn't even remember the last time he'd taken the General out to stretch his legs. Listening to the gentle ringing in his ear as he waited for his friend to pick up, he leant against the wall, just gazing around. It was amazing how just the loss of one thing in your life could make a room that should be filled with happy memories seem so empty. Before he could dwell on it anymore though, he couldn't help but smile as a cheerful voice sounded. "Heeello, you got Cooter Davenport this end..." "Well hey you ol' Grease Monkey..."
  13. Bo didn't say anything more to Luke as he made his excuses and once more left the farmhouse, sighing heavily and scrubbing a hand down his face as he turned back to Daisy with as gentle a smile as he could muster for her as she spoke. Gently he pulled her back into a hug, more because he needed one now than she did, resting his chin on the top of her head gently. "I know...maybe I was too harsh but...I just don't know how to handle him anymore...I don't know him anymore..." he admitted softly, swallowing hard as silence fell between them, glancing back to the decorating he had been doing. Sighing gently, he eventually pulled back. "I'm gonna get on the phone t'Cooter...see about gettin that tree...wanna get it early before all the good ones are gone..."
  14. Clenching his jaw, Bo watched the gentle reconcilliation, or what could pass for one for the moment in the old farm house anyway. Slowly, his fists that had clenched in anticipation of a fight released and he moved them to rest on his hips, still standing in front of Daisy as if shielding her from any more hurt that Luke may choose to let loose with. "Now...if you don't wanna celebrate Christmas with us then fine...but at least be civil and eat properly and actually be with us. You don't have to celebrate a holiday, but family is family at this time of year and it aint fair that you don't include yerself with us anymore..." he said firmly, deciding while Luke was listening that he would at least try and get through to him and give him some structured orders. If it had worked in Nam and sometimes in the aftermath of it, it might work here. If Luke had a focus or a goal, he was more succesful in fulfilling it.
  15. Awwww you guys I love ya so much! Thanks for the support! We're a lot out of practise so apologies for mistakes or out of character-ness, we just thought we'd been absent way too long. All kudos to DaisyMae for the idea
  16. LOL we're trying, we're quite out of practise but we're attempting to do one and get it finished :p

  17. Bo couldn't help but jump a little as the bedroom door flew back open, frowning at the color Luke had gone and how mad he seemed. Quickly though, the confusion changed to anger as Luke yelled at Daisy, taking a protective step in front of her so he was between them. Shaking his head, he let loose with his own yell, his hot temper faliring instantly. "Hey! For starters, don't you dare talk t'Daisy like that when she's done nothin but try and talk to you and help you through this unbearable attitude you got on! She's done nothin t'you but try and be supportive and all you've done is throw it back in her face!" Shaking his head as Daisy put a hand on his arm, he shrugged it off gently and continued. "And as for not wanting to celebrate the holiday's Luke, you don't wanna do ANYTHING! What else are we supposed t'do but carry on without you! Here's something novel, not all of us are in a permanant greiving period, some of us have come to terms with the fact that Uncle Jesse AIN'T comin back, that we've got lives to live!"
  18. "Its just what he does Daisy...just leave him to it...there's nothin' we can do darlin you know that...if we try he'll just dig in his heels and pull away harder...I guess this is just somethin we gotta accept...maybe face the fact that one day when we wake up...his bed'll be empty too..." Swallowing gently, he squeezed her close a little bit tighter before letting her go, resting his hands on her shoulders and making her look up at him. "You can't keep panderin' t'him Daisy...he doesn't want you to care, he doesn't want any attention....come pick out a tree with me...please? Lets do it t'gether...then invite Cooter round...some of yer friends too and have a good night...it aint christmas eve or anythin but its too quiet round here when it should be excitin...we haven't stopped our lives, don't let Luke stop it for you..." He knew what he was saying would seem insensitive and out of character to anyone outside the family who knew him, but he just couldn't handle being frozen out by the one person he had looked up to the most all his life. It wasn't fair, and it made him as unhappy as Daisy was...he had to hold it together to get them both through this, if he could help Daisy then at least he hadn't completly failed the family.
  19. Bo glanced up as Luke stalked through the farmhouse, ignoring both him and Daisy and slamming the bedroom door so the house rattled. Biting his lip softly, he looked over at Daisy who looked as though she was going to cry...as close as he and Luke were, Daisy and Luke shared something special too. When something emotional was bothering Luke, he usually always went to Daisy first, taking long walks in the rain to talk together....that had stopped now and it had clearly affected Daisy - something Bo hated. Luke could freeze him out, could freeze the whole world out...but being nasty to Daisy when all she would do was be an angel and accept whatever was being thrown at her so he didn't get upset was unbearable. Sighing gently, he put the phone he had picked up down and crossed over to his sister, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close softly as he rubbed her back gently. "Aww Daisy....please don't be so upset...don't let him do this t'you..."
  20. Nodding a little as he listened and continued to put up decorations, he could already hear the uncertainty in her voice in her first word. He had already really figured that she wouldn't go, not with Luke being so like he was, but he kept the smile on his face and put a positive spin on it instead as he was so used to doing now. It was how he coped with it all, he had to find something positive to get through the days otherwise he'd end up like Luke. "Yeah I guess someone better baby-sit him...its alright, I'll ask Cooter if he wants t'come. I know he's gotta get his anyway, we can help each other out. You wanna continue this while I call him?" He smiled as he flicked the end of the tinsel over his cousin's shoulder, heading for the phone, choosing to disregard the end of the comment. He knew Luke was slipping away, Daisy said something about it every day. He knew she was scared, he was too, but the same conclusion they always came to in the end was that there was nothing they could do about it. Luke wouldn't talk to anyone close to him, much less someone he didn't know who could help - like a grief councellor or psychiatrist...the only one who could help Luke wasn't around anymore. It was down to Luke himself to either accept help, pull himself out of it or....well he didn't like to think what the end of that thought was. He couldn't promise her that everything would be okay in the end, for once he didn't know it would be. All he knew was that he had to hang on to what little he could now, and start moving his life forward with the people he had left...if Luke eventually decided to get on that band wagon and join in that process then he'd welcome him with open arms and help him....if not...well he was all prepaired to continue alone.
  21. Looking over from where he was hanging up the tinsel around the large doorway that seperated the kitchen from the lounge, Bo beamed his usual childlike, christmas grin at her. He may have been feeling down, hurt, upset...but Christmas was the one time of year that he refused to not enjoy. Ever since he was little, the season had always been magical in one form or another, when it brought friends close and even enemies that little bit closer to being friends. It was a time when the family usuall just let off steam and had some fun. He could remember years gone by when - as Jesse had once reminded them - he and Luke had hung bells on Maudine the Mule...when he and Luke had grabbed the chckens and painted some red and some green so that when they stood in the right places and had gazed out the window, they looked like little bunches of holly waddling their way around the yard...when Daisy had once added a little something extra in the cookie batter one year so that when Bo and Luke snuk them, their tongues were greeted with the hot taste of chilli powder. Yes, christmas was his favourite time of year, besides April Fool's Day, and he was determined not to let anything spoil it. "Well thanks Dais, I'm gonna go pick out a tree a little bit later, you wanna come with?"
  22. Unbeknownst to Daisy though, Bo did know how sad Luke was. As cheesy as it would sound to people outside the family, he knew Luke better than he knew himself...better than Luke knew himself and visa versa. Luke was in all respects his brother first and foremost, his best friend second and his cousin third and through thick and thin they had fought through everything that had ever come their way together. But that was all different now...now Luke was shutting him out, he was shutting everyone and everything out. The reason it seemed he didn't notice wasn't because he didn't, he wasn't that blind to his cousin's feelings...the simple fact was it hurt. His Uncle, his father, was gone...they had known it was coming, they had all talked about it happening with Jesse and it was agreed he was long overdue to return to his wife's side behind the pearly gates. Nothing had prepaired them really for it though. When their parents had been taken from them, they had had Uncle Jesse and Aunt Lavinia to guide them, when Lavinia had left they still had Uncle Jesse...now...they were alone. They were grown ups left to continue their lives in the manner they had been taught...all that guidence was now going to have to be taken from memories and experience alone. All they had left was each other. That was why it hurt to see Luke doing what he was doing, to watch as Luke just walked by him without a 'Good Morning' comment or even a teasing banter match about how his wild curls looked in the morning. He had always been able to rely on Luke to guide him through the worst of times...this time, he had never felt more alone. He hadn't just lost the only father figure he had ever known, now his brother was gone too. So, instead of continuing to try and get some kind of response from Luke, he left him to it and continued on his own, helping Daisy as much as he could. That was why, as Luke sat under the tree outside doing whatever it was he did when he spent so much time alone just staring at the sky or at a picture or some other inanimate object, Bo was inside decorating the house for Christmas time. He had dragged the boxes down from the attic on his own and was happily singing christmas songs as he hung up the bright, colourful decorations.
  23. HI ROG!! I just missed you in chat!! You left the room and I just signed on :p

  24. LOL this is so weird I watched this not long ago too! Its definitly the funniest commentary out of the four they did for the DVD's. Wish they'd done more!! The comment about Coy and Vance is I suppose a little dig at the actors because he just didn't get along with them so rumour has it, but also at the creators of the show. They basically just cast lookalikes of Tom and John as far as they could and made Coy and Vance copies of Bo and Luke - Characters that Tom and John had spent four years creating. The actors didn't neccisarily need to be able to act well, they just needed to be look-a-likes. That's my take on it anyway
  25. Love a bit of Billy Joel sometimes!!! The classic Uptown Girl, Tell her about it, I am the Entertainer and We didn't start the fire are my faves. I also like one called Why Should I worry which he did for the disney movie Oliver and Company where he also did the voice of the dog Dodger!!
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