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  1. Yep that's fine, added you :)

  2. thanks ;) I'm trying. Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. They did kill of John's character, he died in a plane crash.

  4. Hey Uncle Jesse! ;)

    Ain't things too bad over this side, no bad guys t'speak of an the weather is real nice ;) What's things like where you are?

  5. Hey! :D

    I know, real life has been catching up with me lately, i've been so busy! I'm doing well though, how about you?

  6. Hey Rog! Its been a while since I spoke to you too! Real life just getting in the way of Hazzard time I guess, sheesh real life just doesn't understand LOL. I'm having an ok summer, filled with cheerleading and friends and family. Its nice :) Has its moments but its nice. How bout you, how's things going with you?

  7. Just thought i'd drop you a note to say that i'm still loving Going Home Pt 3, I look for you and Dixie's updates all the time! :D Keep it up.

  8. Happy Birthday Mary Anne! Its probably way early for you lol but over here in England its your birthday :D

  9. Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Get in here!!!!!!!!!!

  10. S'fine, I ignored most of it lol

  11. If the baby's a girl you can teach her lots, if its a boy you can still do things with him. Teach him how to play football, spellings, writing, talking, walking, crawling :) You can be a big part of your siblings life from the very start. Like my 6 month old cousin, he loves me and I dont even live with him. Whenever I walk in the room he looks for me and smiles and giggles at me, asks me to pick him up by raising his arms. I dont get to see him that much but he knows me and loves me cause when I do see him, I pay attention to him :) You'll be fine.

  12. mmmm...well just gotta roll with the punches I guess. At the end of the day you shouldn't blame the baby, its not its fault. Treat it like a sibling and no matter what happens between them, youll still have that relationship ;)

  13. Why is that bad? My parents weren't married when they had me.

  14. Awwww :( I'd love to have another baby in the house. I know I complain about my sisters but its nice when the 15 year old backs me up and stuff and the 5 year old tells me she loves me more than her dad and that i'm lovely and stuffs....having a big family is ok, privacy is a bit hard, but it can be so rewarding if you handle it the right way. Give it a chance xx

  15. LOL awww why? Yer gonna have a little brother or sister!

  16. Hey! Haven't spoken to you in a while, my real life's been getting in the way lol. How have you been? ;)

  17. Hey welcome to Hazzardnet, sorry I didnt say this earlier, real life's been a pain in the butt and stopped me getting on here LOL. Hope you enjoy yerself ;)

  18. LOL yeah same with uni work and everything. S'hard to find the time to just breathe sometimes. As always, lemme know if I can do anything to help :)

  19. Hey Meadow, just leaving a post to see how ya are :) Keep it 'tween the ditches. xx

  20. awww thanks Jessi. Glad your ok

  21. Hey Jessi, yeah I've been away from hnet for a while. I'm back though. Things are ok I guess, could be better could be worse. How bout with you?

  22. Ahhh yeah I didnt see that, I dont go on there lol. Good to have you back though :)

  23. Hey Rog where you been?!?!

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