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  1. Sounds great to me, I'm happy someone is actually gonna take it, and add alittle more to it. Have fun...Good Luck.
  2. OK here's my problem, I'm having trouble naming my car, so I would like some suggestions. Alittle about my car; It's a 1972 Volkswagon beetle convertible Orange with some black, and has a black convertible top. So far I have only come up with one name, Comet, which I don't really know about, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I will tell y'all what I decide on later.
  3. About twenty minutes after the boys and Uncle Jesse left Daisy and Enos woke up. Daisy-"Hey Enos are you awake?" Enos-"Huh...Oh yeah why." Daisy-"We musta fell asleep look it's almost seven O'Clock, Uncle Jesse's gonna be furiouse." Enos-"Now Daisy don't worry, I'll talk to Uncle Jesse...and straighten every thing out, so both of us don't get into trouble." Daisy-"Thankyou Enos...we better be gettin' home now they're probably lookin' for us by now." So they took off to the farm and were there in no time, and they both went inside. Uncle Jesse-"Howdy Enos, hi Daisy." Daisy-"Are you OK Uncle Jesse...aren't you just alittle mad?" Uncle Jesse-"Mad about what, you two are grownups and what you do is your business." Enos-"Mister Uncle Jesse Sir, if I could I would like to talk to you to explain everything." Uncle Jesse-"Well that sounds fine Enos, but you better be gettin' ta work now Rosco told me ya didn't clock in yet." Enos-"Yes Sir...Bye Daisy." Daisy-"Bye Enos, see ya later."
  4. In my family you hear almost every remark they say on DOH, because my family is strange, the other day my dad said "That was a horrendous Hurricane." I laughed to myself alittle,but he didn't hear me. Then my brother always laughs like Rosco, and my mom always beggs him to do it.
  5. As they were speaking Daisy began to scoot closer than she already was to Enos and she could feel him stiffen up as she lay her head on his shoulder. Daisy-"Oh Enos relax" Enos-"I'll try to Daisy." Daisy-"How about we turn on the radio, will that help you relax?" Enos-"Well It's worth tryin" So Daisy turned on the radio and got very comfortable on Enos's arm and soon fell asleep, and Enos quickly followed as the music soothed him to sleep. Needless to say Daisy and Enos didn't make it home that night. At the farm there were three very worried men, by the time six O'clock rolled around. Uncle Jesse-"Were in tarnation could those two be?" Bo-"I don't know Uncle Jesse, but when we find them they are gonna have alot of explaining to do!" Luke-"Well since we don't know where they are I think we should call Rosco, maybe he's seen Enos this mornin'." So Uncle Jesse called Rosco up on the CB. Uncle Jesse-"Rosco have you seen Enos or Daisy this mornin'?" Rosco-"I saw Enos sittin' in his patrol car this mornin', but I tried to get ahold of him but I think he was sneakin' a little snooze, Why?" Uncle Jesse-"Where did ya see him?" Rosco-"Down by Hazzard pond." Uncle Jesse-"Thanks Rosco, I'll talk to ya later.'' Rosco-"Hey Jesse if ya talk to Enos tell that dipstick he didn't clock in this mornin'." Uncle Jesse-"Sure will,Bye." Luke-"Well lets go find him." Bo-"Daisy's gotta be with him, he wouldn't do anything unless he knew Dasiy was OK." Uncle Jesse-''Well lets stop jabberin' and lets go find out." So the boys and Uncle Jesse were on their way to go find Enos,and Enos and Daisy were still asleep. Whe they find hem they're gonna be in for a little shock. When the boys and Jesse finally pulled up behind the patrol car all they could see was the top of Enos's hat a little above the seat, since he slept in the upright position all night while Daisy was real comfortable next to him, so they decided they were gonna see if he was awake or not since they couldn't see Dasiy. Luke-"Well looks like Rosco was right, he looks like he's asleep." Bo-"Yeah, but I don't see Dasiy." Uncle Jesse-"Well that's because we don't know if she's with him, now you two hush up, because if he is asleep and you wake him up I'll be upset." The boys just gave alittle nod to let Uncle Jesse know that they understood him and they aproached the car. (whispering) Uncle Jesse-"Well I'll be, he is asleep, and so is Daisy." Bo-"Hey Uncle Jesse are you just gonna let them sleep?" Luke-"Yeah, aren't you just alittle angry?" Uncle jesse-"No, because I trust them two, and I know that when they wake up that Enos will be wanting to talk to me, so lets get before we wake em up.''
  6. When ya get some time ya should post some of em, they sound really funny
  7. I think ya should make into a round robbin, you could call it, "Havin' fun"
  8. That's because I'm a Unique kinda person...plus I think it's easier for some people to read, and understand better
  9. I just ordered Hooper and the Duke's Reunion on Amazon, I love Hooper especially when James Best gets punched
  10. "How are we gonna take Luke with us, we might hurt him more than he already is?"Daisy aske Bo in a very conserned tone. "Well I guess I'll just have to carry him piggy back just to make sure we don't hurt him anymore than he already is, beside I don't think that ambulance is comin' anytime soon so we have to find some place fast."Bo responded to Dasiy. "I think I know were we can go, do you remember the old Stinson farm, well I think i'ts about a quarter os a mile from here"Dasiy told Bo. "Come on then lead the way." Bo said lifting Luke on to himself piggy back and began to follow Daisy. About five minutes later all three were safe in the old cellar of the farm house. Bo and Daisy were both just hopeing against hope that Luke would wake up soon, and that the ambulance would find them if it came at all. Afew minutes later Luke began to start mumbling under his breath. "Daisy come here I think he's wakin' up"Bo jestured to Daisy to come over to were he was. "Come on Luke wake up"Daisy Began to Begg.
  11. Bo-"Maybe you'r right Uncle Jesse." Uncle Jesse-"I know i'm right, because I trust Daisy with Enos more than I trust anyone with her...including you two, so just leave them be, he'll have her home in time then you can ask her yourselves what's goin' on." Luke-"You'r right Uncle Jesse, he ain't never brought her home late once has he?" By this time Enos and Daisy were alreadyat Hazzard pond sittin' in the car talkin'. Enos-"This is real nice Dasiy, it's been so long since i've been down here at night... I almost forgot how beautiful it was." Daisy-"Yeah the last time I was down here at night with anyone, I was with you and you were gettin' ready to go off to California." Enos-"Yeah when I left i didn't know how much i was gonna miss this place, but after acouple months I was more homesick than you could believe." Daisy-"I kinda figured that from all the letters ya sent me...you didn't seem to happy." Enos-"Yeah, I wasn't...I'm sorry I didn't send ya any letters or call ya when I was in the hospital, but I didn't know what ta say, and I could never lie to ya so I figured I shouldn't send ya any...but all I could think about in the hospital for a month was everyone here in Hazzard, especially you Daisy." Daisy-"Oh Enos when you stopped sending those letters all I could think about was you and if anything was wrong, and I guess I was right."
  12. I think that's a great idea cause you have a good way with words!!
  13. Just make sure while your smashed you don't get no "Fun" ideas and decide ta try somethin' ya see in the movie
  14. Rosco and Enos are my favorite characters...and I think my brother likes Rosco because he's got the laugh thing down pretty good...we tried to get him to be Rosco for Halloween, but he wouldn't do it. Almost everyday my mom beggs him to do it until he gets so tired of hearing her he just does it...he's really really good at it, he's even got the little hand thing goin' on too.
  15. I think you did an awesome job you should keep goin'!!! If ya want to
  16. Did you ever notice that Cooter likes to charge $35.42 for almost all of the small things Example-To get Rosco's car door fixed in Deputy Dukes it cost $35.42 and in The meeting he charged Boss $35.42 to store and clean up th limo's
  17. Bo-"Howdy Enos...Ya here for Daisy?" Daisy-"You know he is Bo, why do ya always have to give him a hard time?'' Enos-"It's OK Daisy... I'm used to it by now, are ya ready to go?" Daisy-"Yeah sugar, lets go." Luke-"See ya later Daisy...Hey Enos don't do anything I wouldn't do!!" Enos-"Ya know I won't Luke...see ya later." Bo-"See ya at the dance." Well Bo and Luke picked up their dates after some bickering about the subject and finally arrived at the dance after everyone had already showed up. Luke-"Looks like everyone is here already." Bo-"Yeah,so much for having a fast car." Luke-"Well if ya hadn't been arguin' with me for a half hour we would have been here on time." As the night goes along Bo and Luke dance with their dates acouple of times and talk to all of thier friends , but they don't see Enos or daisy the whole night. Luke-"Hey Uncle Jesse have you seen Daisy or Enos tonight?" Uncle Jesse-"Sorry can't say I have, but I think Rosco did alittle earlier." Bo-"Thanks Uncle Jesse." Luke-"Well Lets go talk to Rosco I guess." Bo-"Right behind ya cuz." Luke-"Hey Rosco can we talk to ya a minute." Rosco-"What do you boys want now, can't you see I'm busy?" Bo-"Yeah but we need ta ask ya somethin'." Rosco-"Well what is it?" Luke-"Well have you seen Enos or daisy tonight?" Rosco-"Well yeah, they were sittin' in the corner over there for acouple of hours then acouple of minutes ago I saw thenm leave... I think they went to the Boar's Nest." Bo-"Ok...Thanks Rosco." Luke-"Bo don't you think them two have been actin' alittle strange lately?" Bo-"Well...I guess so." The boy's kept on wonderin', then decided to take their dates home and follow the crowd from the party to the Boar's Nest for alittle after dance get together. Once they finally got there almost everyone from the dance was there and they went over to sit with Uncle Jesse and Cooter. Bo-"Hey Uncle Jesse, Hey Cooter." Uncle Jesse-"Hey you boy's still lookin' for Daisy and Enos?" Luke-"Well we kinda thought they might still be here." Cooter-"Well they are, there over there sittin' in the corner... did ya notic ever since Enos came back they've been actin' kinda strange." Bo-"Well yeah, but I thought Daisy was just worried about Enos with what happened and all." Luke-"That's what I thought too but now I think it's alittle more than that." ****************************** Enos-"Daisy their all starin' at us." Daisy-"Oh their just tryin' to figure out why we haven talked to them or why they haven't seen us all night." Enos-"So are you ready to go or do ya want to stay and get a ride from Uncle Jesse or the boy's?" Daisy-"I'll go with ya Enos...but ya don't have to take me home just yet." Enos-"Well were do ya want to go?" Daisy-"Well I was thinkin' that maybe we could go down to hazzard pond and sit awhile." Enos-"Well that sounds fine to me" Daisy-"Lets go" As Enos and Daisy got up to leave the boy's Uncle Jesse and Cooter were all wonderin' were they could be goin' now. Luke-"Don't it seem like everytime we show up they leave?" Bo-"Well I never thought of that but yeah it sorta does don't it." Cooter-"If I were you two I wouldn't think too much of it, y'all have known Enos since we were kids and he would never do anything to Daisy." Luke-"Well we know that...but both of them seem ta be actin' alittle strange." Uncle Jesse-"Well maybe they just missed eachother more than they thought, and with Enos gettin' hurt and all maybe Daisy figured somethin' out.''
  18. We thought we were going to have a lot of kids but we only had about ten total and no one came after 8pm and the wheather was good for once this Halloween...more candy for us i guess
  19. If you pay close attention Burt Reynolds uses the name Sonny in a lot of his movies for instance Hooper or The End his name is Sonny in both of those movies.
  20. In Treasure of Soggy Marsh Enos does a couple of funny things...like when he gets paint all over himself when he is painting the lines on the dirt road, or when he says,''Say hi to Uncle Daisy for me...Imean Uncle Jesse and Daisy...Ha Ha!!!...Uncle Daisy" Or when he goes into the pond and starts to play with the Duck... Funny stuff
  21. or when he said,"Say hi to Uncle Daisy for me...I mean Uncle Jesse and Daisy...Ha Ha!!!
  22. eventhough it was a coy and vance episode it was still funny...especially when enos gets paint all over himself because he is painting the lines on the dirt road
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