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  1. Sissy-"Ok here's what were gonna do...were gonna drive, in different cars to your house and were gonna put on a real good show, when they pull up i'm gonna start yellin' and screamin' and were not gonna answer the door when they knock and were gonna lock the door so they can't get in, and I hope they just leave, so come on lets get movin'." So Rosco and Sissy were both on their ways to Rosco's house as the Dukes, Cooter, and Enos were all lookin' for them. Soon enough Rosco and Sissy were both parked in font of the house and they were both inside, when thye remembered a little detail they forgot. Rosco(Locking all the doors)-"How are we gonna let them know we're at the house?" Sissy-"Well, I guess were gonna get on the CB and make somethin' up." So Rosco and Sissy went over to the CB in the house and started "lettin' everyone know where they were. Rosco(over CB)-"Just where do you think you're goin'? Cuae I hope your not goin' where I think you're goin'." Sissy-"Yeah that's just where i'm goin' and you are NOT gonna try to stop me." Rosco-"Oh come on don't go to the house and pack up." Sissy-"You brought it upon yourself Rosco." Now everyone knew where they were headed to and they all began to make sure eachother knew that. Luke-'Daisy, Enos did ya hear that...their goin' to Rosco's house." Enos-"we sure did, we better get over there before she knocks him down the stairs." So as everyone was headin' towards Rosco's house, Rosco and Sissy were gettin' ready for yet another big preformance, but luckily for Rosco it was hopfully just a vocal preformance, and not physical. Rosco-'I can't wait to see the look on thier faces when they hear us yellin' at eachother." Sissy-"Yeah me neither...oh when we stop yellin we should just make it real quiet so they get real suspicouse and they hopefully leave." Rosco-"I have so things you could throw out your window to make it look like you missed me." Sissy-'That would be great....Rosco do you hear that? I think they're comin'." Just as Sissy had though they were comin' up the road, and stopped in front of the house and had gotten out when they approached the house thye had begun to hear people yellin' at eachother like never before. Enos-'Do ya think their fightin'?"
  2. I have... Daisy Duke t-shirt Bo & Luke t-shirt Seasons 1-5 Dukes of Hazzard Reunion New DOH watch from Walmart Trespass in Hazzard The Dukes of Hazzard Unofficial companion The Dukes of Hazzard Movie The Sound track from the movie The DOH cd Hazzard in Hollywood: Reunion
  3. First I'm gonna watch the DOH marathon on CMT and I'm gonna be playin' the drinkin' game the whole time, hopefully, then I'm gonna mess around with my parents and there friends who I know for a fact will be drunk. I never said I was gonna play the drinkin' game with alcohol, My little brother and I play with apple cider and see who can play the longest without gettin' a stomach ache, then I'm gonna have to drive everyone home. Yes I do stop at alomst every gas station and ask for gas money, too bad Boss Hogg didn't work up a scheme like that cause you can make tons of money especially if you drive down Main street which has about ten gas stations on it. Last year I almost made a hundred dollars and only had five people in the car. That's what they get for gettin' drunk!! So what are you gonna do?
  4. Rosco-"Oh come on sweetheart, you know what i meant by what I said." Sissy-"Yeah I know what you meant." Rosco-Oh Come on now I didn't maen it that way." By tis time they had both pulled over and they were sitting in one car using the same mic, but no one knew it, and every time they had stopped talking they began to laugh. But everyone at the Boars Nest didn't know that it was a prank so they thought they were haerin' the beginnin' of the next world war. Bo-'Wow I wonder what he said to her to make her this mad?" Luke-"I don't know but lets go find them so she doesn't end up killin' him." Enos-'I'm gonna go with you boys." Cooter-"Me too." Daisy-"Come on Enos you can ride with me." So as evryone was leaving the Boars Nest Rosco and Sissy were doin' anything but fighting. Sissy-"Rosco you should have seen thier faces when I hit you." Rosco-'Yeah they looked horrified when I stood up." Sissy-"They're gonna be surprized when we tell em' were gonna get married." Rosco-"I wonder what they're doin' now?" Sissy-'Probably starin' at the Cb in horror." Rosco-"Yeah" As Rosco leaned in to kiss her they heard Luke ask Daisy if she had seen them yet. Sissy-"They're lookin for us...we better do somethin'. Rosco-"You're right..if they find us and were sittin' in the car, well doin' what were doin' it will ruin everything."
  5. When everyone had finally gotten down to the shack everyone went and hid behind it exept Daisy, Bo and Luke who got into Scalon's car and began to rev the engine, then Scalon finally came out with Enos in hand with a gun to his head. Scalon-"What are you doing?" Bo-"What...I can't hear you." Scalon-"Turn off the engine and get out of the car." So all three of them got out of the car and stood in front of it as instructed. Scalon-"I told you not to follow me, so now you're gonna get to see you friend and your fiance' die." so Scalon took acouple steps back from Enos and took three shots directly at Enos' chest leaving Enos lying in a puddle of blood. Now Daisy was crying hysterically into Lukes arms and Scalon had made a run for it when Bo ran after him. Acouple seconds later Bo finally tackled him to the ground and knocked him out. When Rosco had finally made himself useful and went and got his patrol car and cuffed him and took him to jail they tried to help Enos up. Luke-"Ok Enos He's gone you can get up now." Bo-"Enos are you OK." Daisy(kneeling over his body)-"Enos wake up..Enos...oh no he's really dead." As Daisy was crying into Uncle Jesse's arms Enos finally woke up after being unconsiouse for acoulpe minutes, because he was shot at such a close range three times. Enos(opening his eyes)-"OOH that hurts!!" Luke(Helping him up)-"Are you Ok..we thought we lost ya there for a minute." Daisy(giving him a big hug)_'Oh Enos I thought you were dead." Enos-"I'm not dead, but I feel like I am right about now." Luke-"Here let me help you get that thing off." So Luke heped Enos take his shirt off and take the bullit proof vest off. Daisy(Looking at Enos)-'Are you Ok, you look alittle pail?" Enos(Taking off his fake blood stained under shirt)-"Not really the only bad thing about all of this is the big bruises it leaves."
  6. When Scalon had gotten Enos in the old shack he tied him up and left him un gagged so he could kinda tourment him with his plans, but what he didn't know was that Enos had plans of his own. Scalon-"So Enos looks like I finally have you to myself." Enos-"What are you gonna do Scalon." Scalon-"Oh I wouldn't be too worried about that...but I can promiss you it will be real quick and painless." As Enos and Scalon were having their little discussion the boys, and everyone else was filling Daisy in on Enos' plan to make Scalon think he was dead, so when the time came to watch Enos "Die" she wouldn't loose her mind. But she could make it look real. After the finished explaining it to her the went down to the shack to watch what was going to happen and to make sure their presence was known so Scalon could "kill" Enos.
  7. Yeah, and Jamie's mom was played by James Bests' daughter Janeen Best, I just watched it today, and I love when you first see them rididng those horses with the lights on their heads.
  8. OMG I had another one, the other day I ran down my hallway, and at the end of the hallway we have babygates to keep the dogs out, and when I came to the babygate I jumped over it at top speed, but my boot caught on the top of it and I went flying through the livingroom and slid on my knees until i reached the tv. My knees hurt so bad I have big bruises on them the size of dollar sized pancakes. I'm just full of em' this year!!!!
  9. Rosco-"I can't wait until Momma and Lulu get home, so we can tell em'." Sissy(pulling his tie towards her)-"You really wanna make everyone suspisouse of us." Rosco-"Well what do ya mean?" Sissy(Whispering in his ear)-"Well we could make it look like we got into a big fight, since i think by now everyone thinks we are goin' out, then later tonight we will announce that we are gettin' married." Rosco-"That sounds like a good one, how are we gonna do it?" Sissy-"Just play along, I promise I won't hit ya hard." Rosco-"Hit?" Sissy-"Just play along and follow me a little after I leave." Rosco-"Go for it." Sissy(At the top of her lungs)-"ROSCO P. COLTRANE I can't believe what you just said." Rosco-"Well It's true." Sissy(Standing up)-"Rosco if you don't appoligise right now I'm gonna..I'm Gonna, well you don't wanna find out what I'm gonna do to you." By now they had gotten everyone's attention just as they wanted especially the Dukes' because they are always playin' tricks on them. Everyone was shocked at what was goin' on and was watch to see what was gonna happen. Rosco(Standing up)-"Well why should I appoligize for speakin' the truth?" Sissy-'If your Momma heard what you said to me she wouldda tanned your hide and nailed it to the wall with rusty nails." Then Sissy turned away from Rosco pleased with how it had gone, and also pleased that she didn't have to hit him, but then Rosco grabbed her arm and spun her back around. Rosco-"Now just wait where do you think your goin', we came in the same car." Sissy-"Yeah, and I have the keys, and if you don't get your hands off me your gonna be sorry." Rosco-"Well I ain't lettin' you take my car.'" Sissy-"If you want it that way fine." Sissy kneed Rosco in the stomache which sent him to the ground and she went out the door, eventhough she barely hit him hard enough to make it look real he faked it pretty good, and went to the floor which sent every around him wondering what was goin' on. Enos(Helping Rosco up)-"Sheriff what happened?" Rosco(Holding his stomache in mock pain)-"That doesn't matter right now." Luke-"Well are you OK, she did hit ya kinda hard." Bo-"Yeah I'd hate ti see what se would do if she hit you with her hands." Rosco-"Oh i've seen it it's horendouse." Cooter-"Well Rosco It looks like i better go finish on her car so you can get yours back." Rosco-"Oh never mind that, i'm gonna get it back myself... Enos give me you keys." As Enos handed over his keys Rosco bolted out and went "After" Sissy, but everyone stayed at the Boars Nest to listen over the CB what was goin' on. (Over CB) Rosco-"Sissy, you pull it over now.. I wanna talk to you." Sissy-"Unless it's an appoligy I don't want anything to do with you."
  10. Yeah I know what you mean, I love him in Hooper, and have seen him in acouple westerns, but he always gets killed. Like in Last of the Bad Men he is the young kid that hasn't really done anything wrong, but gets killed by the Marshall because he tries to tell him what the gang is doing and the Marshall is part of it. Then I just watched The Quick Gun where he is a Sheriff and in the end he goes out and tries to reason with the bad dudes but they tell him he is in the way and just kill him off. And in Shenandoah where he is the rebel soldier and he gets shot in the head and dies. Almost everything he is in exept The Dukes, Hooper and The Andy Grifith show he gets killed, and it sucks!!!!!
  11. 1. It's a Wonderful Life 2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas- Cartoon or the one with Jim Carey Those are the one's we usually watch during Christmas pluse more but I can't really remember right now.
  12. Rosco-"Well...we want to know what happened after we started drinkin'." So Daisy explained everything to them uo until Luke had left them at Rosco's house, and how when they got inside he heard someone fall and start singin'. Then Daisy went back over to the boys, and Rosco and Sissy began to talk. Rosco-"That explains alot." Sissy-"Sure does....I wonder what you were singin'?" Rosco-"That doesn't matter...what matters is that we didn't tell anyone that we're gettin' married yet." Sissy-"Yeah, if everyone found out before your momma she would have a heartattack." Rosco-"That's why we cant tell anyone until momma gets home and we have a chance to tell her, Lulu and Boss all at the same time." Sissy-"If we tell em' all at the same time everyone in the county will know before we get out the front door." Rosco-'Yeah your probably right." Sissy-"What if someone sees the ring?" Rosco-"Well that's up to you if you want to take it off until we tell momma, but I don't think anyone will notice." Sissy-"Your probably right."
  13. Sissy-"Well I didn't see it earlier this mornin' but you have a bruise on your forehead." Rosco-"That might explain why Enos gave me a funny look this mornin'." They soon pulled up to the Boars Nest and went in almost evryone that was in there for lunch was in there the night before and they all were givin' Rosco and Sissy a funny look. As they went to sit at one of the tables Daisy walked up and took their orders, then she went over to talk to Bo and Luke. Daisy-"Well I think you're right Luke....he has a big ol' bruise on his forehead." Luke-"Well I don't understand why he would start singin' after fallin' down the stairs?" Bo-"Maybe he hit his head so hard it knocked the tune right out of it." Daisy-"Well I'll be back i've gotta go and give them their food." So Daisy walked over to Rosco and Sissy and gave them their food, then Rosco all of a sudden had some questions fo Daisy. Rosco-"UM, Daisy." Daisy-"Yeah Rosco." Rosco-"Well I want to ask you a question." Daisy-"Go ahead." Rosco-"Well it's about last night...We were wonderin' what happened." Daisy-"Well what do you want to know?"
  14. I just watched "Last of the Bad Men", it was a pretty good movie for bein' so old. Jimmie was in it alot too, that's why I even watched it in the first place, He was the young kid that had never killed anyone, and he was always nervouse.But in one part of the movie he sang and played his guitar, he's a real good singer. But the worst part was when he finally got the courage to leave the outfit of outlaws and when he went to the Marshall, who was in on everything the outlaws were doin' , and the Marshall shot him. It sucked...plain and simple. Almost every other movie Ihave seen him in he gets kille, ex: Shenandoa when he plays Carter the confederate solider and he is fighting then he gets shot in the head and falls down as you see blood runnin' down his head.
  15. Soon enough the boys and everyone else showed up and Daisy told them what had happened and which direction the man had taken Enos. So everyone one decided to go after them despite Daisy's refusals that they would kill Enos. Soon they had caught up to Scalon and Enos but they stayed back far enough to not let Scalon see them so he wouldn't do anything to Enos. After awhile of followin' Scalon turned off an old abandoned road which everyone knew led to the old Robbinson shack which had been abandodned for at least ten years. When Scalon had finally stopped at the shack the boys Cooter Daisy Uncle Jesse and Rosco all found a spot where they could all watch at a safe distance.
  16. Daisy-"So you mean they were that drunk?" Luke-"Yeah....Momma Coltrane wasn't even there, her and Lulu had went to Atlanta earlier that mornin'." Uncle Jesse-"Every time Rosco drinks with Sissy he gets drunk." Bo-"Really....I've never seen him drunk before last night." Luke-"Yeah they both seemed really happy the whole car ride there, and when I left I thought I had heard someone in the house fall down and then someone start singin'." Bo-"You never told me that last night." Luke-'Well I wasn't sure." After the Boys, Jesse and Daisy had eaten breakfast Daisy had to go to work and the boys had to do chores with Uncle Jesse. Later on that afternoon after Rosco and sissy had finished their patrols they met back up at the police station to figure out what they were gonna do for lunch, soon they had decided to go to the Boars Nest hopeing that no one from the night before would be there. After they had left the police station they were on their way to the Boars Nest and they had both taken Rosco's patrol car because Sissy's was getting its oil changed a Cooter, soon after they had left they began to try to remember anything from te night before. Sissy-"I don't even remember if we told anyone that we were getting married." Rosco-"Neither do I, but I don't think we did because if we had then Enos ould have said something to me this mornin' about it, and Cooter would have too." Sissy-'Yeah you're right, well I guess when we get there we'll find out what happened last night." Rosco-"You know what I've been thinkin' about it all day and I think I remember falling on one of the stairs in the house." Sissy-"You probably did.....which might explain the briuse on your forehead." Rosco-"What briuse?"
  17. My favorite car chase scene is in "Ghost of the General Lee", when they scare Rosco and they open the garage doors and pull out and hit Rosco's police car and they begin chasin' them and Rosco hits everything in sight, but Luke give Bo somewhat good directions and they get away, leaving Boss Hogg, Rosco and Enos beliving that the General Lee is drivin' around on it own. That is one of the funniest and one of the best chase scenes in my opinon. Hoped that helped you at least a little bit.
  18. Finally Luke pulled up to Rosco's house and got out of the patrol car to help mainly Rosco out, because he could barely standup on his own. When Luke had finally got Rosco and Sissy to the front door Bo pulled up and sat waiting for Luke. Well about five minutes later, after makin' sure Sissy could help Roso to his room he got in the General and both boys made their way to the farm, because they both knew that Daisy and Uncle Jesse would be home. While they were drivin' Luke couldn't contain himself anymore and began to tell Bo what had been goin' on in the partrol car on the ride to Rosco's house. Bo-"They were really makin' up excuses to tell Momma Coltrane?" Luke-"Yeah....they were pretty funny too, they said that they were gonna try to tell her that Rosco got kicked in the a mule, but they decided not to because they had already used that excuse." Bo-"When did Rosco get kicked by a mule?" Luke-"By what I heard it was a long time ago, but it stil sounded funny. When Bo and Luke got home Daisy and Uncle Jesse were already in bed so they decided that they would also go to bed. The next day when Rosco and Sissy woke up they had the worst headaches and they didn't remember what had really happened, when they had both made their ways down stairs they shared this info with eachother. Rosco-"Sissy, do you know what happened last night?" Sissy-"Not really, do you?" Rosco-"No, but I hope that we didn't make complete fools of ourselves." Sissy-"Yeah...I don't even remember how we got home last night....the last thing I remember is you asking me to marry you, and then we went back to the table and started ordering drinks." Rosco-"Yeah, no one even knows yet, I bet everyone in the Boars Nest thinks we've gone nutts." Sissy-"How'd we get past your momma last night?" Rosco-"I don't think she was here, her and Lulu went to Atlanta yesterday mornin' and I don't think they are comein' home until this after noon." Sissy-"I have the worst headache ever, how about you?" Rosco-"Yeah... but we've still gotta go to work cause Boss'll be furiouse if he find out that we got hammered last night." Sissy-"Yeah you're right, I guess we better go." As Rosco and Sissy went to the police station to begin the days work, and hopefully try to remember at least alittle bit of what had happened the night before, the Dukes had all woken up and they were sittin' around the table eatin' breakfast as Luke was tellin' everyone what had gone on in the patrol car earlier the night before.
  19. Jesse-"That's enough, just give em a ride." Bo-"Yes Sir." So the boys Rosco and Sissy all went out side and got into cars. Luke was drivin' the patrol car with Rosco and Sissy sittin' in the back seat, and Bo was drivin' the General so Luke wouldn't get stuck at the Coltrane house with Rosco and Sissy. When they had finally left the Boars Nest Rosco and Sissy got the giggles in the back seat, and this left Luke to wonder what they were talkin' about and wonder if it had anything to do with what had happened at the Boars Nest about an hour before, when Rosco finally spoke loud enough for all to hear. Rosco-"OOOH I just thought of somethin'." Sissy(giggling)-"What?" Rosco-"Momma's gonna be mad if she see's us like this." Sissy-"Yeah, you're right." Rosco-"Hopefully she's asleep when we get home." Sissy-"If she's awake we could just tell her you got kicked in the head by Mr. Johnson's mule again." Rosco-"That won't work again, Mr. Johnson doesn't even have a mule anymore." Sissy-"I forgot, the last time we used that excuse we were seventeen." While Rosco and Sissy were carryin' on about excuses they could give Momma Coltrane if she were awake when they got home, Luke was drivin' kinda gigglin' to himself in the front seat.
  20. Even though the movie wasn't even close to being even a little bit like the original, I still enjoyed it for what it was, and here are two of my favorite quotes out of the movie..... Enos-"......Now you know I can't tell you Bo....Boss'll tan my hide." Luke-"He spanks you?" Rosco-.....OH i've got two words for you.....Soap and Water." Cooter-"That's three......stupid."
  21. Soon enough the song ends and Rosco and Sissy go back to the table where they were sitting earlier and order acouple more beers. While this was goin' on everyone was very confused as they watched the Sheriff and the Deputy consume beer after beer, until they are really drunk and decide to leave. Everyone in the bar is now watching the obviously drunk Sheriff and Deputy go out side very happy. Bo-"Wonder what that was all about?" Luke-"I don't know lets go see." As Bo and Luke walk outside they see Rosco and Sissy trying to open the door to the patrol car, but it is no use. Finally thye relize this and they come up with an idea. Rosco-"Ya know this door won't open." Sissy-"I don't think it's the door.....I thnk it's the one tryin' to open it." Rosco-"Ya know what .......so do I." Sissy-"We better go in and get someone to drive us home." Rosco-"Yeah I think you're right." After the boys see Rosco and Sissy, decide to go in and ask for a ride they go in themselves, to inform Uncle Jesse, and to not get caught spyin' on Rosco and Sissy. Afew minutes later they both come staggering in and walk up to Jesse and whisper somethin' in his ear. (Whispering) Rosco-"Jesse!" Jesse-"Yeah Rosco." Rosco-'Do ya think you could get your boys to drive us home?" Jesse-'Of course Rosco, they'd be happy to." Rosco-"Thank ya Jesse......Oh if you could please not say anything about this to Boss, or Lulu or even Enos about this I would appreciate it." Jesse-'Sure thing Rosco......Boys do ya think ya could drive Rosco and Sissy home, they aren't in any condition to drive." Luke-"From what I can see they don't look in any condition to be standin' up."
  22. So Enos got out of the car and stood in front of his patrol car. Enos-"Why don't you just let her go............you want me not her." Scalon-"Yeah that's right but first .....i'm gonna let you know that if you try to pull a trick on me like you did last time I ain't gonna get confused, I'll just shoot this pretty little thing right here." Enos-"We ain't gonna do nothin' like that, I promise.....so just let her go." Scalon-"Fine. here's what I want you to do........I want you to start walkin' towords me and at the same time I'm gonna let her walk towards the patrol car." Enos-"OK, just don't do anything foolish." So Scalon let Daisy start walkin' towards the patrol car as Enos walked towards Scalon, soon Enos was standin' next to Scalon with his gun in Scalon's hand and Daisy was next to Enos's patrol car. Scalon-"OK Missy you better stay here until five minutes after we leave, because youu don't know whether not not I'm watchin' you." So Scalon pushed Enos in to his car and began to drive off, and they left Daisy there alone not knowing what to do.
  23. OMG............that was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing.......I'm still laughing!!!!!!
  24. About twenty minutes ago I had another one. I ran down the hallway and I tried to slow down but I slipped and fell through my bedroom door, and I had the phone in my hand. It hurt alot!!!!! Everyone that is in my house was laughing at me(like always) and I was laughing too. Oh and last night I was standing on my porch and I was walking and I slipped and I had one of my legs on the wall and the other on the deck, don't even ask how it happened I have no clue.I nearly pulled my groin muscle.
  25. What do you usually give out for Chrsitmas? For Christmas I give out; Ten cans of Skoal and some Red man in my dad and grandpa's stockings, and twenty scratchers to everyone else in their stockings. They all love it especially when they win Money, so I just give them the same things every, and if I'm not there I just sent it to them, they always know what they're getting.
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