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  1. I love Thoroughbred racing too!

  2. Thanks for that info. I was wondering about it myself. The champagne scene was indeed a good one!
  3. If it was the same one that was on Saturday night at 9pm, yes I did. I loved it too! Was great to see what the cast is up to now.
  4. There aren't many "current" shows that I enjoy. I watch a lot of reruns (Bonanza, MASH, Streets of San Francisco, etc). I did watch JAG until it ended recently. I also watch as much horse racing as I can. I have two racing channels on my cable system, so I watch a fair amount of racing on the weekends.
  5. You guys have some great stuff! The only thing I have is the Unofficial Companion book. I'm going to have to remedy that situation!
  6. I think John is wonderful in Smallville. I don't get to watch it all the time, but I enjoy it when I do catch it. I'll definately have to make sure I catch the episode Tom's going to be on. That will be awesome!
  7. Name: Elizabeth Age: 39 Location: Pittsburgh, PA Occupation: Billing Coordinator Married/Single: Single Children: None Favorite Movies: Original Star Wars Trilogy, Phar Lap, My Fair Lady, Field of Dreams Favorite TV Shows: DOH (naturally!), Bonanza, MASH Favorite Music: 60's & 70's, easy listening, some classical Interests: Die hard Thoroughbred Racing fan, reading, listening to music
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