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  1. For me, it's no problem at all.... I will upload a couple of Daisy pictures, or can i sent them to you ? Greetzzz from holland Gino
  2. Near Cootersplace (in Nashville offcourse) there is also Nashville Palace. They were there also about 9:30.. I saw both shows !!! First in Grand Ole Opry, and after that, when they were finished , we went back to Nashville Palace, which was even better and longer than in Grand Ole Opry !
  3. In the Nashville Palace, (after their Grand Ole Ophry show wich was just 10 - 15 minutes, but it was nice to see it once !) And yess, offcourse with Catharine bach !!!! It took a long time, to see her, but it was worth it ! With Deputy Dipstick Enos !! He was also very nice.. he stood up, and grabbed us both...
  4. Some more nice pictures: Took place in one of the General's ofcourse !! Behind Cootersplace, the General Lee Owners came together ! Another Daisy
  5. Hello guys and girls, For me, this was the first time, I was at the Dukesfest, because I am from Holland, I don't visit USA that much... It was the first time for me in the states, pure for the Dukes !! I had a great time ! Talked to a lot of people, visited Covington, Georgia, and offcourse Cootersplace, and bought almost every T-Shirt These are pictures i've made before the Dukesfest, the pictures @ dukesfest itself, I will upload later !!! Visited Covington, and offcourse the Police department there: Picture with a lot of memories: Who doesn't know what this is ?? @ Cootersplace Together with John and a friend of mine (I am the left guy !) @ Technoz... I was just standing behind of before you, at the Nashville Palace, because I've made the same pictures with the same angle !!! I will post some more pictures later!
  6. There is a dutch Dukes of Hazzard site, but there is nothing about organising a Dukesfest. Ahh, from Germany, we will fly from Dusseldorf, it was a lot cheaper then Amsterdam, over 100E per ticket !!!
  7. No problem Roger. I know what you mean. I'll do this (I think ) one time in my life to travel so far for "just" a tv-show. But it grabbed me from the beginning i saw it for the first time (I think I was 3 or 4 years old). I have to be there for one time in my life !
  8. How Far is it for you ??? For me it's a 12 hour airplane trip I'm coming from holland to visit the Dukesfest !
  9. I'm coming with a friend to Nashville. I'm leaving from holland ! I'll arrive at tuesday evening in Nashville (if everything is going to be smoothly). We want to visit Georgia as well, and maybe also Graceland ! But offcourse 2 days Dukesfest !
  10. Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing !!!! Are you from Belgium ???
  11. I don't know the exact words anymore, but it's form Carnival of Thrills when they are sitting and he wants to talk to the lord: "Who in the world is calling to someone when he is talking to his lord..... uh uh...... amen.. Get it" .... That Get It makes it verry funny ! And after one o his famous speeches to the dukeboys: "And get rid of that hickups !" And also from Carnival of Thrills, when he had a discussion with Luke, after It 's kinda funny, That laugh of him, it gives me a warm feeling !!!
  12. "The name is ColTRANE, There ain't no brain in it..." "I saw them dukes taking some dirty payoff money, and we gonna nail them, guilty or not." "Oooh, little fat buddy"
  13. Hi, I'm hoping for a reunion in 2007. Because I want to visit it also for the first time, because I am from Holland !!! I've to contact some dutch fans here, so i don't have to travel alone !!! Or I have tot contact someone frome here !!! But it's still far away, so i jst have to wait till there is a confirmation !!!! Yeeehaaaaa 8)
  14. I live in Woensdrecht a small town in the south of the Netherlands !!! And i'm not alone here from holland, i saw a posting earlier !!!
  15. Change the number 6 in 5 and 7 and you'll have 3 very nice pictures of John and Tom !!!