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    I'm a country girl living in the city. DOH helps me escape back to the country!
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    DOH, Nascar Sprint Cup racing, tractor pulls, and having a good time!
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  1. Surprisingly, online there were people backing Kyle Busch up...including one of the writers on the Yahoo! NASCAR page. To me Kyle admitted he had it coming when he made the statement that he'd have been fine with David paying him back like that if he done it within the first twenty-six races of next year. I'm sorry, whether you are in the chase or not, you need to respect the other drivers. If not, then at least expect some payback for what they did. I think drivers are just fed up with having to put up with people like Kyle running them off the track all the time. Kinda like the whole thing with Brad and Carl. Carl's just done with getting wrecked by Brad. My two cents on the whole thing, would love to get your opinion. ;)