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    I'm a country girl living in the city. DOH helps me escape back to the country!
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    Central Missouri
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    DOH, Nascar Sprint Cup racing, tractor pulls, and having a good time!
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  1. YAY you're back!!!:D I am so excited to see you are back and to hear back from you!

    I am sorry to hear about your dad. Am glad to hear that he is doing good and that they were able to help him before he had an heart attack. Still very scary thing to face. Hopefully he'll continue to do well and to heal. Hopefully you will be able to find a job you will like once he is well and back on his feet.

    Sadly I did not see the race yesterday. I was sick and went home. Though did get to listen in on it on the radio (though missed the first 70 laps.) Am way more visual than audio when it comes to sports so I feel like I missed a lot by not seeing it on TV. Was bummed about Johnson, but am excited about Gordon and Jr. I am hoping th at this is a good sign for the both of them for the next nine races.

    Welcome back to HNET...hope to see you around more often now. :) You'll have to check out the NASCAR thread now that you are back. :D