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    Tell me about it. Cant get to much better then that.
  2. Yeah but just think of all the fun you could have with him.
  3. To all the father out there have a wonderful day today.
  4. Well all I have to say is dont eat anything before you see it. Cause I just about loss my lunch when I seen it. God thats just a bad video.
  5. Well I have seen it and all I got to say is WTF! In the world of Rosco that was horrendous!. That video has Britney Spears writin all over it. I though I was gonna lose my lunch. I hope I dont ever see that again. Oh and whats with the general's doors opening?
  6. Going Til You're Gone - Erika Jo
  7. This quote comes from the 1st reunion moive. Luke: You ARE aware this road goes to Dry Creek? Bo: I AM aware this road goes to Dry Creek. Luke: You are aware there's no way to get OVER Dry Creek? Bo: [stepping down on the gas, grinning] I am aware there is ONE WAY to get over Dry Creek! Luke: Oh, Lordy! We're gonna die!
  8. Waylon had some of the best lines in the show. I just love them. Out of the frying pan into the fire was invented for the Duke boys. Remember friends and neighbors when you trip in tall cotton that’s the time to look for snakes. Friends just remember pride is one terrible master.
  9. John did a moive called Cocaine Wars. Lets just say you get to see a WHOLE lot of skin. ( Not for the little kiddys eyes)
  10. Has anyone ever seen the movie he was in called Cocaine Wars. Man talk about seeing a different side of John. I know he is a great actor but I never pictured him playing a charter like that. I would have to say so far out of all of the movie that I have seen with John in them my favorite has to The Night of The Twisters.
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