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  1. UGH

    Ok I see what you saying but there is one problem with it, they are some many different version of Superman out. It really all follow which one you go by. Yes in the movies he did die. In the Adventures of Lois and Clark his father was alive. And I have heard in the comics now he is still alive. So it’s all up to how you look at it. Now as far as Smallville following the whole Superman mythology is a bunch of (oh how to put is in a nice way) hog wash. If that were the case Clark would have never sleep with Lana. And there would be no Chloe. I think why so many people plus me are taking it hard cause Johns character brought allot to the show. Now there will be a huge void there. Like the Kent family scene, which are my favorite parts. Those scene where filled with pride, respected and dignity. Tell me what TV show out there has that now a day......ummm none!

  2. UGH

    My dad always told me if I ain’t got nothing nice to say then don't say it at all. So this one time I will take my dad fatherly advice. But so mad!!! I will never watch Smallville again. I think they done just dough there own grave and laid in it.


  3. Bo: An all right fell, my shovel. Scratch any Hogg deep enough you're bound to find something rotten.

    Luke: Much as I hate to bring it up, looks like you and me gotta talk to Daisy

    Bo: um

    Luke: Come On Bo

    Bo: My name first, huh

    Luke: Yeah you do it

    Bo: Me do it? You’re older

    Luke: Not much

    Bo: Enough

    Luke: Dang fuel pump, Every time we want to get somewhere in a hurry.

    Bo: Well if you didn’t take so dang long to fix it in the first place, maybe we get there.

    Luke: You could have help me you know

    Bo: I could help you.

    Luke: Let’s just hope we’re in time to stop Daisy from doing something foolish

    Bo: I’d help you if I knew about mechanics, all I do is drive

    Bo: Oh gosh, well what’s the plan?

    Luke: Plan?

    Bo: Yeah the plan you just told Uncle Jesse you had.

    Luke: I ain’t got no plan. Are you crazy? I just didn’t want him to worry.

    Bo: Oh Fine! You didn’t want him to worry, so you got me worrying twice as much. I don’t see how we’re going to get out of this mess and you’re making jokes.

    Bo: Oh boy we really messed up this time. Rosco not only got them stolen credit card but. Shoot without a witness, people are gonna think we’re the crooks that stole them.

    Luke: Anything else you wanna tell me that I don’t already know.

    Jesse: What are you doing?

    Luke: Welding the doors shut.

    Jesse: What are you doing that for?

    Luke: Well you weld the doors shut on a race car for safety sake.

    Jesse: How do you get in?

    Bo: Clime thru the windows.

    Jesse: (patting is stomach) Well count me out.

    (Boss comes out of his house in his night shirt and cap and see Rosco sleeping on the car)

    Boss: Rosco!

    Rosco: Oh Santa Claus is going to steal Boss…oh Boss its you.

    Boss: Yeah its me

    Rosco: Hi.