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  1. Luke's is a Martin Cougar II
    Bo's is a Martin Warthog
    arrows were also supplied by Martin. 
    Martin supplied bows throughout the series and they change a bit through the years. 
    I can't seem to find my link, but somewhere on line the guy from Martin talks about getting the bows put together at the last minute for the TV show (short notice) , you won't find a warthog or a cougar II with the writing like that on the limbs, it was literally added with K-mart mailbox lettering on the way to bring them to filming to get the Martin name on there for the show. 


  2. After watching these episodes again here is what I'm thinking and I'm going to do some digging and see if I can find anything to verify it. 
    I think the Mean Green Machine was built on the chassis of a Dodge M-37.  Probably the same truck that was used in the episode Jude Emery (which was supposed to hopefully turn into it's own spin-off series).
    I'm just thinking on how I would have done it, looks to be about the right size/tires etc, already an open top (canvas) , and easy to frame off of and remount or mount something over it all,  and heck the "turret" on the mean green machine is just a really brig piece of culvert pipe. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Roth Potter said:

    The only thing that sounds remotely close to that comes to my mind is in the game The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home where you can shoot arrows as Luke from out of the General Lee that you're driving.

    Great to see another Generation hooked onto the Dukes!

    We beat that game on PS1 last weekend. 
    But it's not what I'm thinking of ...I watched a ton of different episodes this weekend and none were what I'm thinking of.
    If I could remember/find the wooden water tower episode my mind would feel better....

  4. I'm slowly working my way through watching the Dukes of Hazzard seasons with my 8 year old son. 
    I swear I remember an episode that the shoot the bow (possibly with dynamite arrows) WHILE they are airborne jumping the General Lee....
    I want to say it was a Coy and Vance episode....I also want to say a water tower was involved... I'm not having any luck so far...
    Does any of that sound familiar to anyone ?

  5. So I am a lifelong "Dukes" fan. It was my favorite show as a kid. When the Nashville Network put it back on the air when I was in college I taped every episode. 
    So to quote/steal these questions from another thread:
    Tell us a little more about your love of the Dukes.....

    Favorite Character- Luke and Enos

    Favorite Episode(s)- High Octane, Daisy's Song, Ghost of the General Lee, Repo Men, Mason Dixon's Girls,  The New Dukes 

    Favorite Vehicle(s)- The General !!, Daisy's Road Runner, I always had a weird liking for Cooter's brown Chevy Towtruck in the early episodes as well

    Favorite Season- 1 (by far I love the Georgia Episodes both for how they were written and the color/atmosphere of actual GA., I like Season 5 a lot as well, YES I ACTUALLY REALLY ENJOY COY AND VANCE, plus it has Cleetus and Enos

    Do you watch them a lot?-I go in spurts

    Ever met any of the stars?- I've met Cooter, Cleetus, Rosco, and Ace (Jerry Rushing). I've seen up close Bo and Daisy but did not endure the lines to meet them

    Do you have any Dukes toys - Just the holdovers from my childhood- The board game, the card game, Boss's Caddy (matchbox), my General Lee Wrist Racer, the Knickerbocker rev up car from the Barn Buster/Stunt set, the sheets and pillowcase (that my 8 year old boy currently uses

    DVDs?-I have seasons 1-5 and the Reunion and Hollywood Movie

    Other random tidbits- I went to Duke Fest in Bristol...can't remember the year, whatever year it was that they didn't do the run of the Generals around the track because it was too hot !

  6. Hello everyone.

    I was wondering if anybody had photos or a sketched map of the town of hazzard as used in the Dukes of Hazzard tv show. I am trying to one day build a dioramma of the town, but it's hard to try to piece together what buildings look like let alone where they are, from just watching the show, and it doesn't help they drive in circles. Anyway if anyone has the information I'd appreciate it.

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