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  1. Cousin Alice musta done swapped her truck
  2. boy springville looks alot like hazzard
  3. looked like Hobies Dad staggering around in the background
  4. hey cindy lou..... always tell a college girl
  5. My son Colt n I are here. On the episode select screen waiting to hit enter.
  6. Camp Fire Uncle Jesse ? Hopefully not cooking up a batch. lol
  7. Yes 3pm eastern we are in Deputy Dukes, We'll start at the title page again ? or it might be easier to start at the episode selection screen and we all hit play on the go word
  8. If I ever get a chance to talk to Ben Jones (Cooter) again , I'm going to ask him what was in the "office" of the garage since you never see it in an episode. I theorize it was full of horse tack for when they used that for a livery stable in the western shoots
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