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  1. pendragon1980

    Hannibal Rising.

    I will going to see this Friday. Hannibal Lector is probably top of my list of movie villians. I'm going to be interesting to see how such a brillant mind became so twisted.
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  2. This post sparks the question for all Enos writers out there; are we just hopeless romantics? I was browsing the forums and seen another Enos fanfic writer had posted a story about Enos's undying love for Daisy. It was a good short fic and I really got into it. However after reading the story, this question came to mind, especially after seeing the topic about Enos and Daisy. Are Enos fans hopeless romantics? I mean, lets face it... Our fanfic hero is a hopeless romantic. He has an undying love for a woman, that it's often debated on whether or not she returns his affections. Yet he loves her. He feels that she is the one to complete his very existence. I then look at most of the fiction I've written and I plan to write and I think, oh my god, I have a writing style that is often classified as romantic. It's not that I plan to write that way, it just comes out that way. I like reading and writing romance, especially romance that doesn't always go exactly how you want it or shows human flaw or reason as to why people fall in love or out of love. I mean I can write other fiction, not just romance but romance is a familiar ground for me. I also look at other Enos writers and find they have very similar styles and tastes as to how the write their fiction. So I ask all you Enos writers out there, what do you think guys? I'm using the noun 'guys' loosely here, and in most cases I've known fanfic writers are usually women. On top of that, Enos Strate fanfic writers the odds of being female are even higher. Also, let’s face it; love is like finding used chewing gum at the mall. You know sometime when you visit a mall you're going to find a lump of it. You just don't know when, were or how it's going to happen. You could step in a glob, or put your hand in it; sit in it by accident could be another way. You may not make physical contact with it at all; you may just see a wad of it. At any rate, you will find some used chewing gum at a shopping mall at some point or another. So any thoughts on this issue? Enos fans especially what do you guys think? Plus, other duke writers out there, you guys have any thoughts about this idea?
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