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    • Watching the Season 1 finale again...Double Sting. It’s an okay episode, but not necessarily my favorite of the season. However, this time around I noticed something that for whatever reason I’ve not given much thought to before.  When Uncle Jesse comes to the jail to bail Bo & Luke out, he gripes them out for making him have to use the farm mortgage payment. Okay...supposedly the Duke family had been farming there for almost 200 years (along with making moonshine). Whatever little land they had left  around the Duke farm (as earlier in another episode Jesse talks about the depression ruining a lot of land), wouldn’t they already own it (and had for decades)? They may be poor “dirt” farmers, but what “mortgage” would they have to pay?  I’m sure I’m reading way more into this than ever was intended, lol, but for some reason this time it made me stop and think. Just curious... 
    • The clear body all the way to the left has the styling of a 69 on the nose, but the hood looks more like a 70.  But, that styling on the nose is so flat, that it's pretty bad either way, which is why I want to replace it with the 3d printed part.
    • The patrol car's already looking good with its police hubcaps and new decals. The orange Charger on the left appears to be a 1970, but a front end change should correct most of the differences.
    • DAINA House (Appeared as one of the car strippers and as Dewey Hogg's nurse)
    • This week I made a lot of progress.  I revised the police decals and printed them on the actual decal sheets instead of regular paper.  I also have a donor chassis that's been lengthened to fit the car. I designed and printed some hubcaps for the wheels. This is a pic of an early revision (my final revision was v14). My final Charger body arrived this week, as did my decals.  All 4 have their pros and cons, and I plan to build all of them.   The biggest issue with most of these bodies is that they're either not a proper 69 front end, or the body lacks detail, so I've started developing a new 3d printed grill assembly.  These pics show one of my early versions in place on a couple of the bodies. I'm still working on revising these. I also built a chassis for the hard body car, but now I need to lengthen it to fit the wheelbase.
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