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Okay, okay, sorry for delays. I have been busy going back to college and taking care of my family. I'm not online more than twice a week now.

I added something to storyline. I'll add Hughie into fighting later on.

(He's more of a con man than a fighter. If ya have seen all the Hughie Hogg episodes. He never did fight in any of them. His goons did all the fighting)

Have fun fighting each other! :p

Take Care & have a good day tomorrow!


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Max and whoever else that is writing in this story,

Right now, I'm a little busy with my family & college, so I WON'T be able to write too much more in the storyline, maybe one more short post, then I'm done.

I may write Hughie into the storyline after y'all start writing the fights, but it may not be him fighting though, since he'll probably sell you his part of that land that he partially owns.

After all, Hughie does own nearly 100 acres on Mountain Creek Lake in northern Chickasaw County anyway, well through his new wife anyway.

And Hughie does have a few hideouts near the Tennessee border in Sweetwater County too.

Hughie does fight for his honor, but it's mainly for his wife, money and nothing else.

He's a better conman than a fighter, any devoted Dukes fan would know that. He would always have his friends take care of any fighting. Hughie would mostly be a coward most of the time.

Take Care & Keep smiling! :)


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