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Hey, Y'all! I hope that y'all are having a great day! :)

I just added a short post about Hewey Hogg helping Vicki get over her nightmares about her last day in Hazzard County nearly a year earlier! I'm not sure if it works with the storyline, but I'm sure that it will work somewhere. :)

It also deals with Hewey Hogg putting a call in to some old friends that will help them try to take over Hazzard County and to take care of some unfinished business! :)

I hope that y'all will like it! :)

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:) Y'all take in mind that my fanfic character Vicki, in this story, is not my typical character that I write about! I wrote my character to have an mean streak in her, which led her to fall in love with Hewey Hogg! :)

Since this is an alternate universe story!

She is not the shy sweet redhead anymore like she was in the Little Red Series! She's rebellious & wild! :p

If y'all want to see an idea of what my character could be like, go into Rivals Series in Round Robin or The Beginning, also in Round Robin! :)

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:o Do y'all know what year is this story?? Does it take place in the 80's or 90's??

:p It is fun writing with y'all on this crazy fic! Y'all haven't seen anything yet with my character Vicki! I'm bringing her back to town along with some of Hewey's goons! :p

At first, no one will recognize her when she drives past the crowd at the Boar's Nest in her new Chevy Silverado Pick-up! 8)

If y'all are wondering why my character went crazy and fell in love with Hewey Hogg, parts of it was explained in my last 2 posts! Right now, I am writing the complete story that will take place shortly before this story takes place! I'll try to post an opening page shortly in the Round Robin! If y'all want to help me with it, let me know! :wink:

Y'all have a great day! :D Take Care! :D

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That's a great idea, MaryAnne. :)


If you give her a car phone than she won't need a cb... Then how would she ever know what was goin' on. :D Although that could lead to some interestin' scenes if Vicki had no idea what was happenin'.

btw, Kristy Duke, Dixie Duke and a couple of folks all have Chevy Silverados.

I only mention that because switching vehicles all the time is mighty confusin' to readers. If you need any help... send me a PM.

This does look like a fun story. 8)

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She could prolly have both a car phone and CB, afterall car phones have been around since atleast the mid-60's. :)

Yup, watch out on the Silverado. Kristy drives a 2000 model (black I believe) and Dixie Duke drives an '86 short bed with a lifted suspension (what a kewl lookin' truck. Khee!) 8)

I thought Vicki had a Corvette?


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Hello, Y'all! :)

I was just going to tell y'all good job on the posts! It's really fun reading what y'all wrote! Y'all keep up the great work & great writing on this story! 8) Don't quit writing y'all! 8)

Sorry for any delays on my character Vicki, she is temporarily on vacation due to me taking time off from writing! I'll get back in the swing of things in the next few days! Take care! :)

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