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Another great "Trucker" movie of the 70's...

There were 2 low end DVD releases for it. Both releases weren't that great with picture quality and were edited. I am not sure who owns the rights to the movie , but to have two companies put out sub-par DVD's isn't good for us fans. Hopefully MGM will put this on DVD of their own and NOT liscence it out again...

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Yeah, it's a good ol' trucker movie. I'm not quite into remembering too many names of actors, but the guy who played in Rocky, as Rocky's brother in law is in it.

I'm kinda surprised to hear that I'm not even able to order it, since I have seen some really bad low budgit movies out there. Not to say this movie is low budgit or bad at all, but I feel it should be available. I guess I'm outnumbered on that one!!! :roll:

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I've seen bootleg copies of this movie for sale at drag strips and swap meets, but it hasn't exactly popped up at Walmart yet. I caught this flick on TV, a long time ago. I remember it having an anti-government, "down with the fuzz" theme. But I can't remember what the plot was, as far as the whole trucker rebellion went. Was it because of the proposed 55 mph speed limit? Was it because of a toll-bridge? Was it because Coors wasn't available in that neck of the woods? (wrong movie. Heh!)

I do remember the song pretty well, by C.W. McCall. The lyrics might end up under our Music topics in the near future.


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Brian, you disapoint me. I thought you being coltrane and all, you'd know all the anti law movies, :). The Rubber Duck, (kris kristofferson), drives a black mack, with ali mc graw, riding shotgun. The whole mess starts, when the sheriff, (ernest borgnine), gets in a fight with another trucker, in the truck stop. With ali mcgraws charecter, being a photographer, she is able get the press involved with the convoy. By this time, another trucker, has sideswiped a school bus. Then the issue of truckers rights gets involved, (diesel prices, low load wages, dirty dispatchers..... much like today). By the end of the movie the chase hets out of hand, and the Duck, dumps his truck in the river. Where they use the truck as a casket for him. But at the very end of the movie, he is seen in the back of the "11 long hair friends of Jesus", bus with ali mcgraw on the way to Mexico. The is bascially the plot, if im wromg please correct, you guys usually do.

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Absolutely marvellous film.

The cinematography for the title sequence is second to none;

"Arizona. Noon, On the 7th of June

When They Eye-balled Over The Pass

Bulldog MackWith A Can On The Back

And A 'Jag-war' Haulin' Ass"

There's 3 versions of the title song (or there was here in the UK)

The 45rpm single

The soundtrack version

The movie version (surpisingly the soundtack LP had a missing verse, or was it 2 verses??)

It really could have done with a part 2

Here's a A Nice Little Site for anyone who's interested.

I like the bonnet mascots :D

(sorry!!, Hood :wink: )

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