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I'm Hooooome

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Luuuuucy I'm Hooooome

Wait... wait a second... I've been lurking for almost a month without logging in and no one has really posted anything... like... is there really anyone left on here?

Are there any fanfic writers left?

Are there any fanfic fans left?

Alright, I need a roll call... Who is still here, also, who is still here from like, 2010 or earlier?

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I've been good for the most part - few health problems (again - the swelling thing cleared up - turned out to be a bad allergy to a med, now I'm dealing with duodenitis and a bad knee).

I'm still writing - somehow ended up in the Supernatural Fandom - blame Lori Davenport - and I'm pretty happy with it... for the most part - cannot stand the ... inappropriate fics ... or those new fangled reader insert fics... but I'm still writing. Churned out a Dukes  x Supernatural Fic last year. Got my own website off the ground... have like 31 fic ideas to write - a few of them are Dukes crossovers... main thing I write for Dukes now is crossovers. the idea well ran dry for the straight Dukes fanfiction awhile back. My writing style has changed quite a bit.

Got back into the aquarium hobby - got five aquariums full of fish... well, 4 full of fish - the other I was able to break down after getting a new larger tank (break down means take out of service). 2 of the other 3 are quarantine tanks.

I still have my cat that I got from my mom. Took a picture of myself earlier, with the cat and wtihout, studied it, and I looked like I was a teenager or preteen - no idea how that happened. I'm 30 years old and still get mistaken for a 20 year old. My mom's fiance's sister about died when she found out I'm 30 and not 20 - thoroughly thought my 28 year old brother was a lot older than I am.

I'm an aunt now. I have a 5 year old niece that i'm helping to take care of when I can. Got my first car - a 94 Geo Prizm that has more vehicular cancer spots than a few... er... rust spots. Spent a few months driving a '97 Ford Ranger - Miss that truck, but it was my brothers and he was charging me out the ... ehem... to use it.. and it would have never passed inspection in a few months otherwise I would have bought it.

My poor car has been hit twice in my school's parking lot - I'm a college student who temporarily dropped for the semester. Same spot was damaged twice. It's to the point where repairs aren't worth it because it keeps getting hit.

I would put a pic up of my car, but I cannot seem to find the pictures I took when i got it in November.

I'm honestly listening to less country music these days - it's about 50 percent country 50 percent old rock. Did a ton of growing up over the past few years... and I do mean a ton.

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12 hours ago, Boss JD Hogg said:

It's fun coming here and as Roger said the quality is still here.  

I'm noticing the lack of quantity - but you can't have quantity and perfection both.

And H*** Yeah, this place is fun. Always has been. You should have seen some of our shenanigans back in the day, namely, during the 2000's.

The Coltrane Family Banter was especially Hilarious back in the 2000's. Most nights, I wished I had popcorn! Gad I miss those days... we were one, big, humongous family. Most of us who frequented here actually actually goofed off as much as we wrote fanfiction - and you could not keep up with everything being posted!

Shout out to Mufn and the old fanfic writers who made this place great in the early days (15 to 20 years ago - if anyone is wondering, Hazzardnet had another incarnation at one time)! Can't forget the fantastic fans either!

Oh boy... I just pictured some fan art ideas that someone might like to do - A couple of Dukes posters themed around Trump's Tagline: Make America Great Again, with subtext under them like, "bring back family values"; "bring back good old family fun"; "Support Equality - The Dukes did", " Bring back clean, quality programming", "Bring back family programming"... Now, I should point out, I do not like Trump (Did not like Hillary either) but his tagline resonated with a lot of people.

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