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Dukes of Hazzard - Custom Pinball


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G'day everyone, I have been very quiet and haven't posted alot really but have started a cool Dukes of Hazzard project - custom pinball.


What can I say other than this will be a massive project that is going beyond my current skill set (hoping to learn enough to finish this dream project). It will involve CAD designing, timber work, steel work, artwork and god help me programming.


It will be a full size pinball with a cabinet designed off the well known and typical Bally / WMS 90's cabinets with some unique mechanisms inside.


It will have a Cooter's garage, Jessie's Barn, Boss Hogg's Office and the bar of The Boards Nest as well as 2 ramps and one just has to be a jump ramp.


As time goes by please make suggestions re design or game rules - but will have moon shine deliveries, stunt show, bar fights, car chases and races.





pictures below are of my progress so far

- almost full a cabinet

- has to be Duke Orange

- concept art initially is like you are driving the General Lee so the sides of the cabinet are the car doors

- pinball's don't normally have art on the top of the backbox but this just has to have the flag just like the top of the car


I would like to change the art on the cabinet so a full General Lee with boss hogg in pursuit and then on the other side daisy standing by the road with Enos coming up, still want the cabinet orange but these images overlayed.


Next is drawing mechanisms and starting the playfield design - where the real fun starts, but I should mention that this will take a while but am very keen. On the side I love pinball and currently design products for the pinball industry. My ultimate dream is have a pinball company one day build this for all the pinball and Dukes of Hazzard fans.






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cheers guys, and that Dukes of Hazzards pinball is a fake as it is a Lord of the Rings with some photoshop art.


but it will have a jump ramp for sure, wouldn't be Dukes Pinball if it didn't have one.



Also I will start rferring to the Dukes of Hazzard pinball as DoH

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where the ball to shoot from is normally a plunger rod but on this game it won't have one and wanted to have a charger style key ignition where you twist the key to activate a ball launch

can someone post up a nice clear picture of a dukes charger key ignition please as will use that to model off

thanks in advance

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