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Good morning from Hazzard!

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You can feel that hint of Fall trying to come back around to the hills here in Hazzard County!  Soon the leaves will change color and the afternoons will get cooler.  The General Lee won't be the only spot of orange in the countryside as folks start decorating with pumpkins on the porch.


How's the weather in your area?



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Weird. Usually our August is mid 60's or higher nights with mid 80's+ degree days with quite a few 90+ degrees but this august has been more like Spring than Summer. 2 days this week we had highs just 69 degrees and the night lows dipped into the high 40's. Usually in summer we have 3 weeks worth of 90 degree days but this year and last year we barely had five 90 degree days for the whole summer. Just hope we don't have a 3rd in a row winter were we break low temperature records, lost so many plants the past few years due to the deep long frost. 

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