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Instances of episode continuity thread

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Hope this might make for an interesting thread for the more hardcore 'nit picker' fans (a dedicated group of which I proudly consider myself to be!) :lol:

As we know, continuity from episode to episode in the Dukes was (sadly) fairly rare. After each average episode was over, the reset button was effectively pressed; things seldom affected future episodes* and there is rarely reference back to events of specific previous episodes. But there are a few exceptions, and I thought it would be fun to gather them.

(* obvious exceptions, such as Daisy's Plymouth being replaced with a jeep (confused with jumbled broadcast order), Enos leaving/returning, Bo and Luke leaving/returning, etc.)

I got thinking about this when watching s4's "Birds Gotta Fly" on DVD tonight on a whim; one of my lesser favourite episodes so not watched as often, I had forgotten that towards the end, when Rosco and Boss try to escape in Rosco's patrol car and the General Lee gives chase, the Balladeer comments "For y'all with long memories, the first time you ever saw the General Lee, it was chasing a police car" - A rare instance of a reference to a very specific moment in a previous episode (the very first scene in "One Armed Bandits").

I can think of a few other notable instances, but though I'd let others see what they can come up with first. :)

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