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The odd appearance of Jeb Stuart Duke in "Along Came a Duke"

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I've always been intrigued by the one-off appearance by "(an)other Duke cousin", motorcycle riding Jeb Stuart Duke, played by Christopher Hensel, in season three's "Along Came a Duke". Odd that he would be introduced in such a way, never featured again, and in all my years collecting and writing about Dukes, I have never really found out the story behind the character.

In my youth, part of me wondered if he had been introduced as a possible replacement for Bo should John Schneider ever leave - I vaguely recall an article with Schneider suggested that producers gave him a hard time after misleading them about his age when he auditioned and used to wonder if it related to that debate. Bare in mind this is all long before Schneider and Wopat left for the fifth season.

At one stage Jeb might have been considered as a new recurring character - on the less common of the two Dukes 'Family Feud' episodes, Hensel appears as part of the team line up, with Rick Hurst (Cletus), Peggy Rea (Lulu), Lindsay Bloom (Maybelle the phone operator) and Jeff Altman (Hughie). But as this line-up (with all due respect to the actors) was hardly featuring the big stars of the series, unlike the other 'Family Feud' episode, maybe he just appeared in order to make up the team numbers.

What does anyone else known about Jeb's appearance in "Along Came a Duke"?

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