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Which was your favourite season: poll and disussion

What do you consider to be the best season of Dukes overall?  

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  1. 1. What do you consider to be the best season of Dukes overall?

    • 1st season (1979)
    • 2nd season (1979-80)
    • 3rd season (1980-1)
    • 4th season (1981-2)
    • 5th season (1982-3)
    • 6th season (1983-4)
    • 7th season (1984-5)

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Probably a very basic question that's already been done over the years, but what do you personally consider to the be the best season of the show?

Mine would be the first season. I'm a huge fan of the original Georgia episodes, more dramatic and edgy, I've always wished that much of that had continued. Even after episode 5, the first season is a strong one for being experimental and not very generic, and with less slapstick than later seasons.

Beyond season 1, which is so different it's sometimes hard to compare, I would definitely rate Season 3 as the show's best. The cast were well settled in their characters and clearly enjoying themselves, and the season saw some really good episodes, with far more hits than misses (of which every season had).

What's yours? Vote in the poll and discuss! :) Note this is the best season overall, not just which one contains your favourite episode.

(Also, if you vote for Season 1 in the poll, I'd be interested to hear your second choice in this thread - as I said above, S1 is so different it's sometimes hard to compare)

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I don't have a favorite season, but If I had it was season 1, 2, 3 or 4.

I'm with you on that. On the whole season 5 Coy & Vance change, the show never felt to fully recover. Though Season 2 was very rocky with the many episodes with temporary Rosco and Cooter replacements, and by season 4 storylines were getting very generic.

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