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Jesse Duke and his lovely wife Lavinia was outside sitting on their rockin' chairs enjoying the sunrise when a car pulled up in their driveway

it was Jesse's brother Dale and his lovely wife Lucy with their 2 month old son Lukas Keith Duke napping in the backseat.

" Howdy their Jesse how you doing brother ?". asked Dale

" Well I'm doing just fine Dale and Lucy you look just as pretty as always ". said Jesse

" Thank - you Jesse it sure is great to see you again"., Then she reached out and gave Jesse a big hug ".

About 15 minutes later little Luke Duke picked that time to wake up and so he started crying away ".

" Oh it's okay baby mama's coming ". said Lucy

So Lucy walked over and she opened up the backseat and she unbuckled Luke's carseat and she picked Luke up.

" Well hey there little one I'm your uncle Jesse can you say Jesse ?". asked Jesse

Unfortunately nothing Lucy was doing was helping Luke stop crying so she figured she would hand Luke over to Jesse.

So Jesse tried rocking Luke back to sleep and then finally Luke stopped crying .

Cue Anyone.

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Was Lavinia Jesse's wife or the boy's aunt? In " The Legacy", he told Lucinda, that without the boys there, he would have gone crazy since Martha passed or something to that effect. Then in " The Ridge Raiders( They messed the title up, because it was " Runners", not " Raiders")", when the boys were running from the law for blowing up Boss's still, Jesse told them to go visit their aunt Lovinia for a few days, and Luke told Bo, " Heck, he ( Jesse) hasn't spoken to aunt Lovinia in 20 years."

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