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Missed chance (...and a BIG THANK to you all)


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Some days ago I posted this short story (just one chapter, ONE-SHOT): a sweet and funny scene coming to my mind, a sort of alternative ending to the episode "Enos&Daisy wedding", with a ... surprise... at the end ;)

Maybe, someday, after "Shattered" ending, I'm going to change this story from a one-shot to a long story.

By now, take it as a short and standing alone story. And IF some of you wants a new story from this possible beginning, JUST ASK!!! ;)

AND NOW, for people out there who follow me not just on fanficiont.net but on this Forum too, I take, with this post, the opportunity to THANK, from the bottom of my heart, any of you who's read my stories, year after year, from my clumsy attempts (started on this board) 'til now: I'm REALLY amazed to realize your affection and attention, and, even now, I can't help but being surprised of how many people, month after month, read all my stories (in August I had a BOOM with one of my oldest stories, "Fallen", with MANY people reading it, the whole story, and I'm... surprised!!... I think "Fallen" is my most read story!!!).

I'm not the most self-confident writer, and I've thought several times, especially along the last year, to stop writing fics 'cause I didn't think "enough good to write", but, thanks to you, any of you who keeps on reading what I write, I'm starting to realize that, hey, maybe you're finding in my stories more than I thought of, and I should become more self-confident.

Just a little hope for the future: I'd like to have more feedback from you, in order to write what you're looking for. It doesn't matter how... reviews, P.M.s, here..., I'd just like to know better my readers.

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THANKS to everybody who read this short one-shot, my old-style. WOW.

Well, if so many people read this old-style one-shot of mine, I think it's time for a balance of my writing along the years.


At the bottom of my profile page there's a poll: you can choose stories (max 4 stories) you've preferred.

It's a way to understand if some stories stand out, so "catching" their inner soul and sense, and remembering to myself why and how I wrote them (in order to write better stories in the future).

Please, answer the poll :wink: (though I don't know if not registered people can answer it :roll:). And if you feel comfortable with it, leave a brief review to the story you liked the most, explaining me why you liked it so much (also not registered members can add a review).

If an adequate amount of people answer the poll (adding a little review to explain their choice, it'd be great!!), it'd be REALLY useful to me, in order to write better and better stories in the future, stories meeting people's desires and tastes.


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Just to let you know that... I've decided to transform this story into a multi-chaptered story, no more a one-shot.

So, I posted a new chapter :) and other chapters will follow (after the end of "Shattered"), BUT I won't announce every new chapter posted. Sorry if I'm confusing you, I wrote it as one-shot but the basic idea liked me so much that... I've finally decided to use it for a long story.

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Just like a flower going open. :tup:

I've got so much to catch up to. When I have some time I make sure to read shattered and your new story.

YEAH!! You're right, like a flower goin' open. :)

In effect, along the last year I REALLY feel my writing like a flower going open: I feel more free, and happy, and self-confident... I write just for the pleasure of writing... a big pleasure, as in the past.

About "Shattered".... did you ask a car chase? well, you'll have a car chase, Hazzard style, in the next chapter... OOOPPPSS :oops: little preview.

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I wish you all a Merry Christmas with your family and friends.

I wish you peace and joy with people you love.

I wish you find the Christmas' spirit; I wish you're going to spend your time with your family and close friends, in armony and serenity; and don't forget to remember also people who aren't anymore with you.

This is my little gift for you.

(it's a new chapter of "Missed chance", I'm announcing it, in this Christmas Eve, simply 'cause it's a Christmas chapter... and if you haven't read the story, yet, this chapter can somehow stand alone).

It's my view of Christmas Eve at the Dukes' farm.

Hope you enjoy!!


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GGRRR... I think there's something wrong goin' on with FF.net: the story is up on the page, 'cause just updated, but it seems no new chapter has been posted (as if I reposted chapter 4 :mad:). So, here, the link to the "hidden" chapter :wink: (for people who are eager to read it. Are there people eager to read it?)

EDITED: now things seem working, and the chapter is shown perfectly. *face palm*... I should be more patient...but


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And..... with a LOT of pride, and also a lot of surprise....

along this month I've had the hugest number, ever, of people reading my stories (thousands of views, Worldwide :-o), especially "Missed chance" (as if this story is bringing more and more readers also to my past stories). I'm totally AMAZED; I didn't believe that a so simple and slice of life story could be so appealing. There's always a huge discrepancy between people who read and people who review, but it doesn't matter, I'm used to it and along the years I've stopped to ask me why :innocent:

I'm so happy I want to share my joy with you (after all, I write for myself, OK, but also for people out there).

Even if I'm not announcing every chapter posted, the story is still ongoin ;)


Thank you very much!

Merci beaucoup!

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!

:D I'm finally seeing the outcome of my "rebirth", whose "Missed chance" (after "Carry that weight" and "Shattered") is the final act.

Am I happy? OOOHHH YEAH!!! In effect, it's been a long time since I've felt a so strong pleasure when I write, and I suppose people feel it.

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Ehmmm.... a little clarification...

My last post wasn't a bragging about myself (it isn't the reason why I wrote it). :oops:

I know some writers have tons of readers and views (more than me), but I compare myself just to myself: the writer I am now to the writer I was in the past. And my joy is because I'm happy of the writer I've become now. And it's the most important thing, to me: being myself and keeping on writing, improving and "reaching" people with my writing.

OK, just a little clarification. I don't want someone misunderstands the previous post :-?

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