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Carry that weight


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I recently started a new fic (I'm very productive, lately).

This is a challenge for me, 'cause I'm goin' to write of something I've never written 'till now.

Enos' family and past, his character... his "weight"

A fic a little darker than my usual fics, but I hope you're goin' to enjoy it.


(chapter 5 is up)

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Sorry... I'm a bit... lazy. I'm very BAD in "promoting" my stories :roll:

The story is not "abandoned" (even if I risked to abandon it), BUT it's still ongoing.

15 (!!!) chapters are on-line... and I'm writing a new chapter.

A story a bit different from my previous ones, as I said previosly... but I hope, despite the darkness and the pain in it (it's centered on a dramatic grief... I can't say anything more), you'd recognize all the original characters (their temper, heart, values and relationships), even if in a such dramatic and sad situation.

It's very difficult to write something so apparently "out" of DOH's universe not forgetting it's DOH: it's why I was going to abandon it... too much "out" and "dramatic/painful"... but I think I've found a good balance, now (or I hope so).

So, Let me know what you're thinking 'bout: any hint is welcome to "fix" it, if it needs to be fixed, some way or another (characters' reactions, relationships, psychological analysis, reliability, and so on).

I'm open to discuss and analyze everything in order to improve my stories.

I love to analyze, put together, break up, think of all possibilities, look beyond appearances, look "beyond" ('bout everything and everyone, myself too); I'm the queen of "what if" and "think different and look beyond"... and it usually drives people crazy, I know, LOL.

Never mind... it's a weird and complex discussion :-?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just posted chapter 25. A quick update.

It seems in my last post I wrote "posted chapter 23" instead of "chapter 24" :-o (face palm). The worst promoter of her stories, ever.

I hope the quality of my stories is better than my capacity of self-promotion :oops:

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Chapter 28 is up (OMG, my longest story ever :-o).

Thanks to any of you who's reading this story, despite the slowness (few action in it, I know). I hope you've enjoyed this strange "slice of life"-kind of story, and I hope you've found DOH's characters (all of them) and spirit (family, friendship, respect, caring) along the story despite some topics (somehow tricky, hard and sad topics).

This story is coming to the end, I think just a couple of chapters to the Epilogue ;) Thank you again for reading.

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The story is now COMPLETE!!!! Posted the epilogue.

I had a LOT of fun writing it (despite a bad crisis at the beginning of the story) and I hope people enjoyed it the same way I enjoyed to write it. OK, my final words about this story:

It's the most complex, sad and psychological story I've ever written (maybe much psychological and sad), with few action in it.

I explored Enos' possible past, along some complicated topics, so I decided to follow a path of "psychological analysis", "relationship between characters" (all the characters, not only Enos and Daisy, even if the story is obviously more focused on them), and of "growth". An experiment, a different story from my previous ones, but it helped me a lot to focus on things I usually missed.

I tried to use all the characters (and I hope my portray of Bo, Luke and especially uncle Jesse is OK).

I tried to "push" difficult and hard topics into Hazzard's universe, but trying my best not to lose the focus on Hazzard (Enos is Enos, Daisy is Daisy, Luke is Luke, Bo is Bo, uncle Jesse is uncle Jesse, Hazzard is Hazzard!!!, even if in totally new situations); so I sincerly hope you could read this story as you're watching a DOH's episode (even if a dramatic and angst episode, different from the "lightness and happiness" of the most part of the canon show).

I hope it worked, and I hope it'll work with my next story, "Shattered", a new attempt to mix Hazzard with something hard, but keeping it in DOH's style (I mean, sense of friendship, love and family despite some hard and thorny topics here and there).

Thank you for reading it ;)

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