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Beta (Proof) Reader Wanted

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Did you do good in school? Interested in previews of stories before they are publicly posted? Enjoy giving feed back, be it positive or negative? Do you enjoy the more technical aspects of the English Language? Have too much time on your hands?

Then I have the job for you!

I am currently looking for a Beta Reader, also known as a Proof Reader, to edit stories as they are being written. They are Dukes of Hazzard stories. So far there is just one needing beta read at the moment, and it is an in progress story.

If interested, please contact me via private message, visitor message, or by answering this thread.

Please, if you cannot use punctuation, use run on sentences regularly, and generally use something which resembles the English Language but lacks sentence structure, do not apply.

You may be asked to provide examples of your own work or if there is a lack of this, previous posts on the forums will be looked at and or you will be asked to engage in conversation.


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*Did you do well in school?




I fit most of the criteria if you don't get any better offers. Just remember, I speak proper English, not that colonial variation you speak in your parts ;).

LOL, Hoss. You also spell your words strangely as well, frequently using "s" instead of "z" (or should I say "zed"). ;)

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LOL, Hoss. You also spell your words strangely as well, frequently using "s" instead of "z" (or should I say "zed"). ;)

I know my comment was facetious, but the underlying point is valid. It's not just about spelling; US English and British English also use different words and idioms. While (and I was going to start the sentence with "Whilst", but apparently that's British English) I would be happy to proofread British English, I'm not sure that I'm the right person to proofread US English. Regardless, my offer still stands.

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I automatically run spell check, so you wouldn't be worrying about the spelling issue, nor the grammar in the quotations. Most of the problems seem to be more in the area of punctuation or the usage of past or present tense. There are also some choppy areas which need to run more smoothly. I have already done some light editing, but if you like, I can send over a few chapters to see what you think. They are already in HTML format.

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