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Are there any other musicians on the board? I have taken several and am currently a music instructor... non profit of course :lol:

So, I took the:

Violin for six years

Recorder for three years

Guitar for three months (was in school and I was only in the school for three months)

Keyboard for three months (see guitar)

Fife for ten years (The fife is a colonial instrument, similar to a piccolo. Please view the movies The Patriot, Glory, Gettysburg, Gods and Generals... This is the instrument I currently teach to beginning students).

I also sometimes, when bored, mess a little with drums (Snare, Bass). Only had one lesson though (and that was how to hold the sticks. I cannot read drum music, nor can I play any songs. I just know how to do a para-diddle).

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Yeah, and if we find enough musicians, we could start a hazzardnet musicians club LOL.

It would be so nice to discuss the finer points of teaching and music with other people.

I mean... last night I was teaching a lesson, and it was a complete and utter power struggle. Fifteen year old student, kept stepping out of his own lesson and begging me to let him teach. I kept saying no, and he kept trying to take the lesson out from under me. Finally, I said, Fine, Here!

Big mistake. She is a raw beginner I was teaching. When I say raw, I mean, before last night, she couldn't even blow into the instrument and make a sound, let alone hold it. I had to rescue him when he was trying to explain how to hold the instrument, and give a few clues, and then the other instructor who teaches the advanced group, such as the 15 year old, stepped in and took over because it was so pitiful. The girl would have gotten so much further with her lesson had I not threw up my hands. Needless to say, the 15 year old, when the other instructor (who is almost 70) took over, he did not try to undermine the lesson.

We practice at the local boys and girls club, and I remember at one point, we could fan out into separate rooms to avoid these types of problems. Now they make us use a single room, which, pardon my language, is hell when you're trying to teach two different groups or more. And this is not the first lesson this student has tried to slip out from under me. :mad: I have a total of 3 beginning fife students, and he tries to undermine me in all their lessons!

I mean... it's frustrating. When I first started teaching, I had already had experience assisting the teachers, and sitting in on beginners lessons (which I am grateful to my violin teacher for in middle school), and when I started teaching beginners on the fife, I had help... well no, I started out teaching how to read music :lol: and substituting, but, when it came down to that, when I started teaching how to play, I didn't start out with raw beginners. I started out with students who were learning the fingerings, who had a few lessons... and gradually, with assistance, moved on to raw beginners.

But it was the fact that my lessons were being undermined by a student... ugh. While I myself am still a student in some regards, and still do squeeze my lessons in when I can (When needed) but mostly teach myself at this point (I only need to learn double tonguing which we finally figured out what was impeding me with that so I am finally learning it. Should have been an earlier lesson but... my original fife teacher didn't know what she was doing and i believe purposely skipped the lesson because she didn't like double tonguing herself). Learning is a life long lesson.

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yeah, but it doesn't look like anyone's biting. Between you and I, we could answer a lot of questions about music notation.

Yah we can. With me in band right now, that works. And of course you playing and sometimes teaching.

And I bet that as long as we can keep this seen on the main page, someone will see it and join in.

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I guess you could say I belong in this thread. Since high school, my primary instrument has been trombone (mostly symphonic and chamber music - never really got in Jazz on the trombone. But I love Jazz on other instruments). I have my bachelor's degree in music education and a masters in teaching. I was actually a school band director for 12 years.

Now I teach beginning and intermediate guitar as a curricular class at the middle and high school levels - and I love it.

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I'm a musician and music teacher in the barrios of South Tucson. I'm a concert flutist and piccoloist, although I play more guitar in the classroom. I'm also an arranger; I teach the only public school handbell choir in the area, and I arrange some pretty bizarre stuff for them, meaning things you'd never expect to hear with handbells. We've done Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Evanescence, and songs like "The Fox" and "Happy."

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***My First Pos!!!t***  B) 

Hello, I'm new to the boards here! Yes, I'm a musician, or something like that! I live in MN. I play drums in our local Metal band, Piranha- out of the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area. I also play some guitar, too. As a side project, I'm playing drums in a 90's rock cover band as well! It's fun! 

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